Tuesday, March 02, 2010

'Glory ' - Leadership Requires Inspiring; Leadership Requires Sheperding.

True leadership among men is not just a skill but a vital character trait that needs to be developed and nurtured over a long period of time. This is a trait I observe that is lacking in men these days. We have leaders in positions that can't do their dirty jobs and let others do it for them while they take vacation days and hide or go up the mountains to ski ( a.k.a: Security chief when he heard about the underwear bomber was still vacationing on the ski slopes). These are men that are swayed by the wind wherever it blows, swayed by whims of people who manipulate them easily; hence leading them to actions of folly, actions without any rationale or sound thinking. Deceitful men sugar coat their words and display a different set of behaviors instead of taking responsibility for their actions, these dangerous leaders play with lives of many. These are men that do not have the spine, guts or courage. The sad part is today's landscape in business's, institutions and authorities over nations is that they are led by these kind of spineless men. When God brings His judgement on a nation or an organization it is not surprising that it is the direct result of men in power who misuse their authority and think they can do or get away with anything. Another reason as I observe and read history is judgement comes over a nation when children and people are abused, and men (not only women) prostitute themselves in the land.

The scene below is from the movie 'Glory' an antithesis to something described above. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it as some cool leadership lessons can be learnt  Colonel Shaw a young man becomes a officer in the Union Army and is assigned to lead the Masschusetts 54th regiment to war and more importantly the mission of their entire training and preparation is the assault on Fort Wagner. Colonel Shaw though young has to exercise strict discipline, nor waver in partiality between the black or white soldiers, and finally build in his troops a level of character. It is this character of courage that matters on the battle field. Great leaders are made this way. Great leaders will put their lives before others and are willing to lead by example and what happens is the followers are going to follow till the end, they know their Captain has treated them as professionals, commarades in arms and prepared them to give everything when it really matters.

Jesus lead that way, and the Captain of the Hosts calls men to leadership positions. He calls warriors, He calls soldiers to set people free, the call is to freedom. The question is will you lead well, will you lay down your lives for Him and others, finally will you fight well the battles that are ahead of you.

And Oh let your and my counsel may not be among the wicked leaders of our day. We may not be able to escape it, but it is the times and opportunity like this that God raises Daniel's and Joseph's in the courts of wicked kings -  to shine the light, girded by the armor of God, and unleashing words of authority to fight for the weak and defenseless.

Blessings and Shalom,

Sam Kurien.

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