Monday, November 26, 2007

Flooding Love..Storming Praise

Oh Lord, You flood my heart with your love
Your Love washes all over and all I can give you back,
Is to love you with my whole heart.
You have rescued me and set me in a spacious place,
So, now I stand and wont be satisfied till I hold you,
Beholding your face, I will keep gazing at you O beautiful one.

From the cleft of the rock, from my bed or on a lonely road,
I wait for you to pass by, and receive one touch from you,
That's all I need and then follow you,
Laughing and jumping like an excitied sheep over crags and rocks
For the Shepherd of my soul has come to take me home.
You are the one that will satisfy, you are the one who fills my heart.

Songs I will write, stories I will pen of your goodness and love,
Your mercy and favor that lasts for thousand generations,
Turning mourning into joyful praises, Is what you do Lord,
And so my lips will raise the shout of thanksgiving and praise
Exalting the God of heaven and earth, mighty is your name,
Blessing You and making your fame known in all the ends of earth.