Monday, November 26, 2007

Flooding Love..Storming Praise

Oh Lord, You flood my heart with your love
Your Love washes all over and all I can give you back,
Is to love you with my whole heart.
You have rescued me and set me in a spacious place,
So, now I stand and wont be satisfied till I hold you,
Beholding your face, I will keep gazing at you O beautiful one.

From the cleft of the rock, from my bed or on a lonely road,
I wait for you to pass by, and receive one touch from you,
That's all I need and then follow you,
Laughing and jumping like an excitied sheep over crags and rocks
For the Shepherd of my soul has come to take me home.
You are the one that will satisfy, you are the one who fills my heart.

Songs I will write, stories I will pen of your goodness and love,
Your mercy and favor that lasts for thousand generations,
Turning mourning into joyful praises, Is what you do Lord,
And so my lips will raise the shout of thanksgiving and praise
Exalting the God of heaven and earth, mighty is your name,
Blessing You and making your fame known in all the ends of earth.



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Crowned with many Crowns

There is nothing better in the world like worshipping the Lord in spirit and in truth. I was immensely blessed by Paul Wilbur's song "Crowned with many Crowns" The song sums up everything for me. He is the Lion of the tribe,Lamb of God and King of Israel.

Amen... Amen... All hearts and all earth will bow to my King.

Read these amazing verses and Bless the Lord your King.

For the Glory of the Lord has come
For His Spirit filling everyone,
We are born for such a time as this
For the lamb of God is in our midst

Holy Is the Lord
You are crowned with many crowns

Every heart will bow
To the King of Israel,
Praise will be your throne
Yshua Ha'maschiah

All the Earth will know
You are the King of Israel,
La la lai la la lai

For the glory of God is here
For the Lion of the tribe is here
Holy is the Lord
We have come for such a time as this
Holy Holy

For the Lamb of God is in our midst
Holy is the Lord
You are crowned with many crowns
Yshua Ha'maschiah

Every heart will bow
To the King of Israel
PRaise will be your throne
Yeshua Ha messiah
All the earth will know you are the King of Isreael
Every Heart will bow to the King of Israel

La la la lai la la lai

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Beautiful Place

This is the place I want to be in,
Its a beautiful place because Your presence is here,
Its a place You O Lord have called me to,
Drawn me closer by your mighty love,
Though dead, rotten and fallen,
You called to give me life, freshness & renew joy in my heart.

O Redeemer I come to worship You now, lift up my hands in praise,
With all I have, I purposed to give you my best,
Knowing your heart, I give you my eyes, thoughts and plans,
Surrendering my heart for the love of my beloved King.
Can't do it with my strength but by the Spirit God alone.

For You are worthy, worthy, worthy,
For You are holy, holy, holy.
You who dwell not in temples made of stone,
But have chosen hearts of flesh that Your hands have fashioned.
So, Fashion in me a heart a magnificent dwelling for You to live in.

My heart magnifies the Lord,
My heart glorifies His name,
My heart will rejoice in the Lordship of its true owner,
My heart will sing praises to the Redeemer of my soul
My heart will bless the Lord in this place.

I come again in this palce,
This is the place I want to be in,
Its a beautiful place because Your presence is here,
Its a place You O Lord have called me to.
Its a beautiful place because you are here with me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Awaiting The Return of the King on Zion

I often wonder during the pre messianic times in Judea the expectation among the people from the poor masses of people (who were considered rubble) to the Rabbis there was a fervent expectancy of His coming. Have we lost that today? Where is our passion? Where is that eager expectancy?....The time is near...for The Return of the King on Zion.

I love this ancient Jewish song called 'Adon Olam' which talks about the LORD's reign on the Universe and sings praises to His name. Here is the transliteration and translation in Hebrew and English.

Adon olam asher malakh
Be-terem kol yetzir nivra
Le-et na'asa be-cheftzo kol
Azai melekh shemo nikra

Ve-acharei kikholot ha-roi
Levado yimlokh nora
Ve-hu haya ve -hu hove
Ve-hu yihiye be-tifara

Lord of the Universe,
He reigned before creations,
teeming birth;
erst when His fiat
all ordained acknowledged King
Supreme on earth
and, when these worlds
shall pass away
He shall still govern,
sole sublime who was,
Who is and will be aye,
All Glorious to the end of time.

Blessings & Shalom


Monday, May 28, 2007

Gazing upon His face for the Middle East

Mine is a a Jewish heart and I love the heart of God towards His first born, His bride. According to Romans 12 the Jewish people will be redeemed by His saving hand. The middle eastern problem seems to get worse day by day with no human plan attempting to find a solution. I firmly believe until the hand of Yeshua is upon the problem and till He ascends His throne in Jerusalem the unity of His people with the grafted branches of gentiles and Arabs into the vine will not happen.
Let us look and gaze upon His face so that His return on Zion comes quickly.

The music in the video is from a song titled Isaiah 61 by Matt Maher (who you can find on iTunes). The text in the video is taken from Isaiah 1 and 41. The painting of Jesus is from a local artist named Kevin Sparks.I am using this resource in the attempt to bring good news in the more hopeful frame of the Kingdom of God.

Shalom and Blessings,


Jesus Commands my Destiny

OK I am going to try my hand at embedding videos, since so much of video material is becoming so popular on blogosphere. I love this hymn as I ponder on His Amazing Love and the price He paid so my life could be lived in Him and for Him.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Are you in the Dance?

Recently a close friend of mine gave me a symbolism from the movie 'Shall we dance'. It has struck a chord with my heart and resonates a deep emotion in the relationship each one of us has when you are in intimacy with God.

A scene in the movie shows JLo the actress in a stance with Richard Gere stretching out her body backwards and letting herself completely be held by him. The only way she could be in this stretched out position was to completely be in the strength of her dancing partner holding her. And the only way she could get back up was to be lifted up by her dancing partner holding her.

Oh! what a picture. God wants you and me to be in that position or stance many a times in the dance of life. A complete surrender of letting go and being in rest and at the same the vulnerability of a dangerous exposure that you can't get back up without his help in raising you up. The music, beat, the high and the low moments of this dance all have their importance but those moments of surrender, meekness and experiencing the healing touch, His precious hands holding you are the key moments of growth.

So are you in the dance? If so, what stance are you in? The One who dances with and over you is always in control.

Blessings and Shalom,

Saturday, February 03, 2007

In The Presence Of Friend And King

Thank you O Lord for calling me a friend,
Thank you my Savior for being my best friend,
Even though you are the Most High King, yet scarcely I understand:
You have called me friend,
O LORD, let your friendly counsel be on all my dwelling,
O Awesome King let your friendly counsel be on my tents in the same way
And even more like your friendly counsel was upon the tents of Abraham, Jacob, and Job.
Being in friendship with you is loving you.
You reveal your secrets and wisdom to the ones you love
O LORD, let your presence come, your presence alone make my dwelling places beautiful.
O King of Kings there is a longing, your friend is asking you for
Your manifest presence to be always be near my tent, Like Moses said, I do not want to go
Without your presence, what will differentiate me and my family from the nations,
We do not want to move without your presence going with us, without your presence surrounding us,
Your presence is my place of habitation and I want you to be my habitation forever O LORD, my rock.

O Loving Friend, I trust in you, O Holy One, thank you for making me holy by your blood,
Come and dwell once again forever, for with your presence comes rest so sweet,
Comes abiding in you, being in you, being a fruitful branch deep in Christ the eternal vine,
Your presence brings your glory in my home, in my household,
O LORD let your servant whom you have called friend, always know, in my inner heart,
In my inner core, in my every being the holy fear, the holy reverence of my KING,
And at the same time enjoy the freedom of friendship; enjoy the freedom of being in love with you,
Yes LORD! This is not just a desire, but reason of my life, created to be yours alone,
Thank you LORD, my King for making me a friend.
Thank you LORD, my King for inviting me in the precious communion of your love,
To enjoy the communion within the communion, the best place to be in awe and love.
Oh what love ravishing my soul, satisfying more than any earthly satisfaction.
Cups, Jars and vessels, my temple overflowing with your presence,
Lying in a heavenly meadow of rest and solitude, Shalom of Yeshua surrounding
Filled, filled and filled in your presence,
Overflowing, loving, loving, loving, I love your presence Friend and My King.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Singing from the rooftops for the glory of His name,
Shouting joys & jubilations at the top of our voice,
Dancing, rejoicing, with lips of adulation all for His glorious fame,
As He rides on His white stallion, amidst the sea of praising noise.
His robe dipped in blood, garments full with shining light, star of Zion
The King of every King, LORD of Lords, God's Son, the Perfect choice.

Son of David, in the days of old,
You rode humbly on a donkey as palm leaves and clothes covered your path,
Amongst the praises of your people, you set eyes for victory yet untold,
Lamb of God slain, redemption complete, satisfying Father's wrath,
Bearing every sin and shame, giving man hope so bold,
To live at your side, created to love you, a bride to be your match.

Now again, battling your foes and enemies, O Glorious One,
Conquering King of heaven and earth, blazing consuming fire,
As you ascend the city on a hill, singing we come, our Victor has won
Lion of Judah, Lord of Hosts, as the gates of Zion open, our hearts are set afire
For the King of Glory to come in, with His Holiness we still are undone,
Sitting on your throne you sing and ask your bride to arise and come.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


As I survey the life that has passed,
And beckon the future that awaits,
All worldly treasures, trappings and triumphs,
Remind now; this is not what I was made for,
The heart's been left with this divine ache,
Fashioned and formed as an artery of old by the good great Lord.
Pulsating time and again, stirring the holy pining.

Mundane hours of existence go by,
The twitch of pain surges into longing,
For His presence and for secrets of His heart,
Longing so much to be in a better place
Far more pleasant and beautiful than these dry parched lands.
Where Creator Father rules and resides,
His light illuminates the very aching heart so wild.

Tragedies and life's lowest pits,
Conflagrating the search and longing as a forest fire,
That stops at nothing, turning where the wind takes it,
Knowing, tranquility and rest is almost near,
The sweet desire to quench the thirsty soul,
In Him everything then will be still, Lifter of every sorrow,
Bridegroom of heaven, the bride awaits your rescue.

In life's electrifying moments of earthly glory,
The anguish annoyance lingers again, oh this eternal longing
To be home with the maker of this heart,
Sitting on His lap and reveling in His delight
Ever yearning to leave this earthly tent
But yet living with this longing, the age-old aching
Will only end in His presence when we meet face to face.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


On the Hill stood the cross of my Savior,
Standing high above all idols, cities and nations,
Higher than hills and mountains
My LORD gained the victory,
El Elyon is His name

Blessed am I to come down at the foot of the cross,
Bowing down to Hashem of all humanity,
Who won the vitctory by His blood on that death tree,
So now I sing in awe and exaltation,
El Olam is His name.

On every mountain I tread and every valley I conquer,
The Giants I topple by the triumph of your cross,
I cast now every crown to my Savior King,
Redemption & victory complete covered by His Blood,
I proclaim praise for El Shaddai is His name