Sunday, January 21, 2007


Singing from the rooftops for the glory of His name,
Shouting joys & jubilations at the top of our voice,
Dancing, rejoicing, with lips of adulation all for His glorious fame,
As He rides on His white stallion, amidst the sea of praising noise.
His robe dipped in blood, garments full with shining light, star of Zion
The King of every King, LORD of Lords, God's Son, the Perfect choice.

Son of David, in the days of old,
You rode humbly on a donkey as palm leaves and clothes covered your path,
Amongst the praises of your people, you set eyes for victory yet untold,
Lamb of God slain, redemption complete, satisfying Father's wrath,
Bearing every sin and shame, giving man hope so bold,
To live at your side, created to love you, a bride to be your match.

Now again, battling your foes and enemies, O Glorious One,
Conquering King of heaven and earth, blazing consuming fire,
As you ascend the city on a hill, singing we come, our Victor has won
Lion of Judah, Lord of Hosts, as the gates of Zion open, our hearts are set afire
For the King of Glory to come in, with His Holiness we still are undone,
Sitting on your throne you sing and ask your bride to arise and come.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


As I survey the life that has passed,
And beckon the future that awaits,
All worldly treasures, trappings and triumphs,
Remind now; this is not what I was made for,
The heart's been left with this divine ache,
Fashioned and formed as an artery of old by the good great Lord.
Pulsating time and again, stirring the holy pining.

Mundane hours of existence go by,
The twitch of pain surges into longing,
For His presence and for secrets of His heart,
Longing so much to be in a better place
Far more pleasant and beautiful than these dry parched lands.
Where Creator Father rules and resides,
His light illuminates the very aching heart so wild.

Tragedies and life's lowest pits,
Conflagrating the search and longing as a forest fire,
That stops at nothing, turning where the wind takes it,
Knowing, tranquility and rest is almost near,
The sweet desire to quench the thirsty soul,
In Him everything then will be still, Lifter of every sorrow,
Bridegroom of heaven, the bride awaits your rescue.

In life's electrifying moments of earthly glory,
The anguish annoyance lingers again, oh this eternal longing
To be home with the maker of this heart,
Sitting on His lap and reveling in His delight
Ever yearning to leave this earthly tent
But yet living with this longing, the age-old aching
Will only end in His presence when we meet face to face.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


On the Hill stood the cross of my Savior,
Standing high above all idols, cities and nations,
Higher than hills and mountains
My LORD gained the victory,
El Elyon is His name

Blessed am I to come down at the foot of the cross,
Bowing down to Hashem of all humanity,
Who won the vitctory by His blood on that death tree,
So now I sing in awe and exaltation,
El Olam is His name.

On every mountain I tread and every valley I conquer,
The Giants I topple by the triumph of your cross,
I cast now every crown to my Savior King,
Redemption & victory complete covered by His Blood,
I proclaim praise for El Shaddai is His name