Wednesday, November 22, 2006

All About You

I want everything in me to be all about you O Lord,
All about you will make my offering complete,
When its all about you, will then my obedience be complete.
So come Spirit aglow the fire as I wait on you my Lord.

As a handmaiden waits for her master, for mercy & providence,
So does your servant wait till your hand of deliverance is nigh,
Come then as in the ancient of days, bring your redemption near,
Make my heart rejoice and thankful for all that your hand provideth.

When will this struggle be over, to see my foe subdued by your mighty hand,
For Lord, Here I am to fulfill what I am called for, for this generation,
So, I finish my race strong and gallant to be a blessing to all,
And receive from you the crown and be seated at thy right hand.

Lord so purpose thy desire in my heart, and make that desire all about You.