Monday, September 04, 2006

‘Yearning Eyes’

As she fed at mother’s bosom,
Held by the Love more than the world can give,
She heard the footsteps as they thumped upwards to her room.
In expectation of her Papa, she looked up,
To see another part, of the joy of her world.

Everything secure, everything at peace,
She hugged back at mother’s chest for her feed,
A second or two she conjures desire to see her dad,
With questioning glance to see if he is here at all,
Her World at Peace, she clings back to mamma for her nosh.

For few seconds later she decides to try again, the game she loves,
But little did the Princess know, Papa left the room a minute ago,
Ha, she thought in her little mind, he must have gone downstairs,
But I am sure He will be back to wait upon me for the joy I give,
A minute seemed long, she turned up to look around, where’s Papa gone?

She continued not once, not twice at least thrice,
Makes me think and wonder of our search for our Heavenly Father,
The desire to see Him in our life, standing ever present,
With His strong hands, With His Smile, With His delighting in us.
Even when not seen, He still stands as security of our home, of our world.

So little daughter, Papa thanks for the lesson you have taught,
Through your yearning eyes, you let me know,
My Father’s there to ensure my world is safe and secure.
So little one, know that, I am here for you,
Every time you turn to see Papa, you will know your world is safe and sound.