Thursday, June 21, 2012

Giving & Loving!

My boss recently send this to me, I recorded it in my journal because there is something deep here that I closely relate to. Its a quote from A.B Simpson.

Christians have it in their power, by a very little sacrifice, to add millions to the treasury of the Lord. Have you found the joy of sacrifice for Jesus?   Have you given up something that you might give it to Him? Are you giving your substance to Jesus? He will take it, and will return to you a thousand fold. I would rather be associated with a work founded on great sacrifice than on enormous endowments. The reason God loved the place where His ancient temple rose in majesty was because there Abraham offered his son and David his treasure. The reason redemption is so dear to the Father and the heavenly world is because its foundation stone is the cross of Calvary. The Christian life that is dearest to the heart of God, and that will rise to the highest glory and usefulness, is the one whose foundation principle is sacrifice and self-renunciation. This is why the Master teaches us to give-because giving means loving, and love is but another name for life.  A.B. Simpson

I think there are four keys hidden here or questions I deeply ponder upon: 

1) Are you giving your substance to Jesus? -If you do - He will take it and will make it a thousand fold
2) I would rather be associated with work founded on great sacrifices than on enormous endowments.
3) Abraham offered his son on Mt. Moriah and David his treasures and that is the place where God's sacred temple rose up.  - 
4) The Master teaches us to Give because giving means loving.

Shalom & Blessings,

Sam Kurien