Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Way of the Warrior - "You Are My Son"

Last saturday on my regular walks with God, the Holy Spirit was impressing and loving on me a deeper meaning and revelation of just to enjoy being the beloved, fully loved child of God. Living in the confidence that I am loved by my father deeply and that is the identity of who I am. God is good and He does good all the time (Psalm 119) so we got to believe in the goodness of God completely with no shadow of doubt. The Holy Spirit showed it to me like a movie scene the return of the prodigal son and how his father who has waited for him runs towards him to welcome him, flinging wide his open arms in embrace. What the Holy Spirit was showing me was, the father was not concerned about "what his son had done", "where he had been", "what he had not done" or even give an account of his squandering's. The father was just wanting him to know that he is a well loved lavished son and everything in the father's house was his, and not for a moment he had lost favor in his sight.

A few months ago I had seen the movie called Blood Diamond set back during the civil war in Sierra Leone. Solomon Vandy a local fisherman wants his son to study hard and become a doctor. The innocent son was a well loved child full of life and fun. The family gets separated and Solomon gets captured by the rebel forces to work in the diamond mines that are traded and syndicated with international diamond firms in exchange for weapons to continue the anarchy and exploitation of families. Solomon's son Dia gets captured and recruited to be a child soldier; the demon possessed leader robs the child's innocence to drug addiction, training him to be a murderer, rapist and bestows on him a false identity. Meanwhile Solomon Vandy has partnered with a diamond trader in the hopes and dreams of rescuing his son and reuniting his family in exchange for a rare pink diamond he had hidden in the jungles. Their journey crosses the camp where Dia, his son is and in the escape the lost son points the gun at his father. Below is the key scene of the movie.

The father calls out the persona of the child, his real identity and most importantly calls him his son. Solomon reminds Dia that inspite of whatever he has been made to do, he is still his son and loves him very much. The father reminds him, that he is his father, the things that await him and he has come to take him home. The calling of the father breaks off all the shackles of hardness, chains of bondage and most importantly the heart of the son is called out from his addictions and crimes to be who he rightfully is. Dia though broken. tears rolling comes into the embrace of his father. Innocence returned! real Identity restored! and an Heart regained!

Our heavenly father does the same, because He is a just God and the justice has already been served in redeeming us by the blood of His own son. He now sees us in the righteousness of His son; we are covered by the blood of the lamb. He calls us out by the persona that He put in us when He thought of us even before we were conceived in our mother's womb. The enemy tries to rob our identity or sometimes keep our identity from us because when we know who we are in Christ we are positioned to walk as warriors and take the gates of our enemies.

We are in warfare and by the grace of God we know who we are and we are ready for battle. At the same time we enjoy being set up by the father himself a table full of refreshments and delicacies right before our enemies (in the midst of battle) because I know I am a well loved highly favored son.

Shalom & Blessings,

Sam Kurien.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No one like Jehovah

And of course this one too...what a powerful anointed song!!!

Here are the lyrics for this one:


© 2006 Kelanie Gloeckler


God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob
Elohim, Adonai, God who answers by fire
Glorify Your Son, Jesus Christ, the true Messiah
Breathe on us, send us out in the spirit of Elijah


The sick are healed, the blind can see
The cripples dance, the demons flee
At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow
The dead are raised, the deaf can hear
As we proclaim, “The Kingdom is here”
At the name of Jesus, every tongue will shout


There is no one like our God
There is no one like Jehovah
You are worthy forever, worthy


Jesus Christ, the same, yesterday, today, forever
King of kings, Lord of lords, only Son of the Living God
Rise up in Your Bride, show Your power, show Your glory
Breathe on us, send us out in the spirit of Elijah

Dance - I am after your heart

I couldn't resist putting this one, I love it "I am so after your heart O Lord and I am so in love with you and what can man do to me when I spend myself on you" - (paraphrase mine!)

Blessings & Shalom,

Sam Kurien

Just Let Go Now

For the last few months this amazing song from Kelanie Gloeckler ministers to my soul, its a reminder of the patriarch Joseph's life for me. If he knew this song, this is something he would have sung from the prison. Here are the lyrics and the video...worship, enjoy and taste the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

© 2006 Kelanie Gloeckler


Holy Spirit, overshadow me
Take me by the corners of my soul and shake me
What a love, You’ve been waiting to
Break me wide open to carry Your heart


Oh my Jesus, draw near to me
Take me to the center of the flame, consume me
I surrender to this holy burn
Break me wide open to carry Your heart


All I wanna do is lose myself in You
Lean back in Your arms and just let go (now)


Let it be to me according to Your Word
Your ways are higher than mine
Let it be to me according to Your Word
Your ways are higher than mine


I let go…Your kingdom come
In my life…Your will be done