Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fairest Lord Jesus

In my morning travels to the office, sometimes I stop for my Starbucks fix. Today was one of those days where my stomach needed a fix too.

So there was I, lounging on the plush seating listening to my IPOD to a new Album (I am Free by Ross Parsley). I was having a great time with the Lord, along with the Starbucks milk, (decaffeinating the coffee addiction with milk) honey and toast to keep company. Then, this old hymn “Fairest Lord Jesus” came up which New Life Church has now made more contemporary with inserting a cool chorus somewhere in between.

The Lord did something amazing, as I heard this song, my heart overflowed so much in love and adoration of my savior. Any blood pressure cuff would have exploded measuring my heart rate as I sang along this song. He filled me so much that I just started bawling. I was wondering why am I crying so much at such a beautiful song. I realized then it was the sweet company of my Awesome Lord that caught and lavished the admiration in my heart for Him, hence the tears. He was choosing to receive my praise through this song as I sang along and He was filling me with His joy. It amazes me that the King of heaven takes time to come and join you at Starbucks (of all the places) to receive your praise. My Lord thou art fairer more than anything, more than anyone. You shine brighter than the brightest star in the heavens.

Read along the verses of this hymn by clicking on this link and let the praise rise from your heart to His:

Blessings and Shalom

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Kings_Daughter said...

Wow, honey! I love how much you love the Lord! You are such a blessing to me! Keep it up, Prince!

Your loving wife,