Friday, March 18, 2005

God Cares

Today we had our usual Thurday lunch prayer meeting at the church. All the members couldn't come so Tony, Catherine and myself met and we were sharing about what God is doing in our lives. Suddenly Catherine's friend walks in and is suprised to see her (they hadn't met for a long time). Catherine introduced Julia to us and she told us that she only had five mintues and asked us to pray for her job situation. Apparently she had just joined this new job and was not liking it, she also expressed that she had changed so many jobs and was getting tired of it. Earlier in the morning I had read in Isaiah 62 that the Lord humbles himself from His high place to look after the heavens and the earth. Even cooler than that is the fact that Our God is so intrested in our individual lives and wants to help, guide and care for us. So, I was not at all suprised that He cared for this girl, changed her directions to come to the church where we met, and appointed a time for us to pray (without our knowing) for her need. Our God cares for our good and he will intervene when we are troubled and answers even before we ask.

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