Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Cross on the hill

I lived in Shatin for almost one year. And the first thing I noticed on my landing in new territories was the Cross on this hill. The sight of a cross obviously filled my heart with joy but never knew then that in my journeys to work and wanderings all over Hong Kong I will pass by this cross so often and would be blessed by it so wonderfully.

This cross for your information
is gigantic about 12ft to 15ft towering in the air. Contrastingly, beside this hill is another hill where a buddhist temple stands. It is a well known tourist spot as it displays 10,000 gold idols of the grinning and groaning buddha's. Even from far away the hill with the cross stands much higher and elevated than the one on which this pagan temple rests. Isn't that interesting? Because of this elevation, the cross can be seen very clearly by all people downtown Shatin and all the surrounding areas. I find this not only interesting but am reminded how the idol of Dagon fell before the ark of covenant. (Read the story in 1 Samuel 5 ). The cross of Jesus Christ will always stand higher. The signs in the earth are many for people to open their eyes and see of our victorious Savior's doing.

I most often see this cross passing Shatin on the KCR train when I peer to look at it and remember what my savior did for me on that cross. That cross has been a constant encouragement, reminder and a blessing on my journeys to work. A reminder of the price my Savior paid, and to what extent He went to rescue me so I could stand and fellowship with God forever.

I always wanted to go upon that hill and see this cross closely. It took me almost three years to get there. Last month I finally got the chance to hike up that hill. I liked the place instantly, a few big rock boulders on which you can sit and pray and trees all around. I am so glad I came up to this hill first before visiting the touristy place down below (you now know the one I am talking about). If you are in Hong Kong and happen to pass by Shatin look up on that cross on the hill and know the One who loved you gave Himself for you.


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