Saturday, April 23, 2011

Writing My Crafted Prayer - Inheritance Promises & Words

After reading "Crafted Prayer" I have begun the exercise of creating one for the intentional purposes of piercing the heavens and the earth. As a start I have recorded all the important words that the Lord has give me as my inheritance promises from the word and sometimes very audibly to my heart. I record them here:


Jesus, thank You for creating me to be a Mighty Man!  You have called me by name and called me for great things!  I am one of Your favorite sons and You delight in me because I have set my love upon You!  

God watches over me!  His Light shines upon my head and by it I will walk through the darkness.  The friendship of God is over me and the Almighty is with me!  
My family surrounds me in love and unity.
My way is bathed and washed in abundance and richness.  Even the rocks pour out streams of oil for me!  
There is a seat appointed for me at the gate and the city square, where young and old alike will respect me and listen to my counsel.  The words I speak will be so wise that no one can add to it or speak against it.  Every ear that hears me speak will bless me and every eye that sees me will give good testimony of me.  
I will deliver the poor, help the orphan, bring joy to the widow, be eyes to the blind and feet to the lame.  
I wear righteousness as clothing and justice as a crown.  In might and authority I fight and triumph over the wicked, breaking his power.  
My roots spread out to the streams, my branches are covered in dew, my bow is renewed in my hands, and my glory is ever fresh.  
(Job 29)

God has plans for me that include prosperity and hope for the future.  He will listen to my prayers and He will show Himself to me as I seek Him. 
(Jeremiah 29:11-12)

I am strong and courageous!  I will lead people to their inheritance promised by God.  I am strong and very courageous!  I am careful to obey all that God communicates to me, not turning from it to the right or left.  Because of this, I am successful wherever I go.  I will be prosperous because God’s Word is always on my heart and tongue day and night.  I have received God’s commands and refuse fear and discouragement.  
(Joshua 1:6-9)

The Lord has everlasting kindness and mercy towards me.  He is my Redeemer, my Lord, and His love covenant cannot be removed from me.  Jesus makes me to rest in fair and glistening colors; He lays the foundations of my counsel in celebration, communion, declaration, and testimony; Holy Spirit purposes a deepening of brilliance in me;  He makes my boundaries of pleasure, desire, and purpose.  My children will be disciples accustomed to the ways of the Lord.  My family will have great peace, health, wealth, safety, and well-being.  God will establish my family in righteousness, free from demonic oppression and terror.  Jesus is my defense against any who rise up against me.  
(Isaiah 54:8, 10-15)

The Lord has created me and called me His own.  I walk in the confidence of that qualification alone.  Holy Spirit is with me through fire and water and no harm will come to my soul in His presence.  
(Isaiah 43:1-3)

I am the Lord’s servant, hand-chosen by Him to do His will on the earth.  Not only that, but also His friend.  I will never fear because of His presence.  He is my God, so nothing can dismay me.  I am strong because He helps and upholds me.
(Isaiah 41:8-10)

The Lord has made me into a threshing sledge to pulverize mountains in my way.  As I walk on my path of destiny, my feet winnow down obstacles and they are blown away.  I will rejoice in the Lord always and glorify the Holy One of Israel!
(Isaiah 41:14-16)

I don’t remember the former things, because Holy Spirit is doing something new in me!  
(Isaiah 43:18-19)

Jesus has blotted out all transgressions, sins, and iniquities and sees them no longer!  I am free from all sin and it has no influence over me any longer because the Lord has redeemed me!
(Isaiah 44:22)

The Lord goes before me to subdue nations before me and those who wish to oppose me will lose even the desire and ability to stand against me.  Instead of a fight, I will walk through a double portion of opportunity and blessing!  Holy Spirit goes before me and comes behind, making my path clear and established.  I will receive the hidden spoils of darkness from His hand!  
(Isaiah 45:1-6)

I trust in the Lord and His goodness works through me.  I am fulfilled and satisfied with His faithfulness wherever I dwell.  My delight is in Jesus and His Holy Spirit, my desires are His and so He fulfills them!  My way is committed to the Lord and my trust also, because of this I know He will accomplish it!  His righteousness will shine as a bright light in me! 
(Psalm 37:3-6)

I am righteous in Christ and my steps are ordered by God alone.  He delights in me!  
(Psalm 37:23)

No evil has permission or right to set foot anywhere near my family; likewise, no sickness or epidemic can plague any within my house. 
(Psalm 91:10)

I have an intimate love relationship with the Almighty God and He delivers me!  I know Him and He knows me, that is my honor in life!  When I call on Him, He not only hears, but also answers me.  His presence is my rescue from troubles and His salvation is life!
(Psalm 91:14-16)

The Lord is faithful to remain with me, working in me to finish all He has spoken to me.  I am aware and alert to His presence and remain lined up with the open heavens!  
(Genesis 28:12, 15)

The Lord encircles me, instructs me and keeps me as the apple of His eye.  Holy Spirit hovers over me, covers me in His wings, and carries me higher.   Jesus leads me to ride on the heights, to eat of productiveness, providing sweetness and anointing even from unproductive situations.
(Deuteronomy 32:10-14)

The Lord has blessed me, therefore I am rich and without sorrow!  
(Proverbs 10:22)

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