Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Read couple of psalms about God's deliverances. Then was thinking about the term "Mahnaim". I knew this was one of the places Jacob the patriarch had named on his journey back to Canaan.As two camps meet in conflict the result is peaceful separation. Just before the meeting Jacob pitches his tents on one of the hills by the Jabbok, heart though filled with fear, he realizes the spiritual significance of the place and in the super-natural sees the angelic encampment around him. He instantly knows God Himself was bringing him peacefully back into Canaan. The Angelic encampment causes him to name the place "Mahanaim" which means "this is the camp of God".

O Lord may my tents be the place of God's encampment. I know it is. I am in your hiding place, I hide in the holy of holies and this is a new place and new strategy of warfare. Satan and all dominion of evil knows that their plans/schemes cannot chase me in the hiding place because they know who they will meet there.

I love your ways O Lord. This is none other than the camp of God!

Shalom & blessings

Sam Kurien

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farmeray said...

Thanks for sharing Sam. You have a great way of bringing Him to the front of our thoughts. Merry