Sunday, April 10, 2011

Are you a Prince Or a Pauper?

I recently finished reading "The supernatural ways of Royalty" by Kris Vallatoon and Bill Johnson and thoroughly enjoyed it. We who are called as heirs and friends of Jesus need to know that we are truly the royal Princes & Priests of God's ever advancing Kingdom. This understanding needs to be so deep resulting in us living a life that is a of knowing it with an intentional (purposeful) conscience-ness. The prince mentality is something we need to cultivate if we are not consciously aware of it. The Christ related people are a different breed; altogether a new race of people that has not been seen before on the face of the earth. We are called by Him to live life in victory as we emerge and operate from a position of victory which is what supernatural royalty does naturally.

Last December we saw the movie "Tangled" on our vacation and we thoroughly enjoyed watching it again with the kids. Its truly a Kingdom movie as it refletcs some deep scriptural truths. The princess is locked up in a tower by not only an evil step mother who has used her for her selfish purposes but keeps from her the true identity of who she is. Yet destiny of our royalty beckons; Her quest to see the lighted laterns turns and eventually will lead to her true home, to her true father. The road is not easy, its dangerous, its filled with life threatening battles. In the journey she meets a prince who is struggling with his own identity. He somehow knows he is much more, (he is a prince inside but does not know it)as circumstances of life and the enemy desires keep him from his destiny and is reduced him to be a petty thief always running. But occasion for true love, and true and unselfish love finds their way. He rises to the rescue. On the other hand lies fall off the princess, the truth sets her free to know who she really is. The enemy will stand none of these developments and will kill, destroy and attempt to completely annihilate their history of true identity. But Eugene (previously flynn rider) fights and is ready to give up his life, so the one he loves can have life.

Though I have summarized this through the lens of the movie, the true story of Christ and his bride is similar and He beckons us to know who we are in Him, His majesty has revealed our true nature of royalty. Those who know not... are paupers. Its interesting in the book Kris quotes from Proverbs "What happens if you give a pauper the Kingdom?..It eventually crumbles because it cannot bear the weight of the fools folly". The evil one is bent on inducing destruction, but the Life giver is bent on giving us life and hence this battle of good and evil continues, but the paradigm shift happens when those who are in Christ know and reveal themselves as the Prince & Princesses who overcome by their royal nature. I like to think it as Graham Cooke in his book "Coming Into Alignment" quotes "When we have identified our royalty in Christ we know we have two things the favor of the Lord and constant opportunity to wreck vengeance on the plans of the enemy". I like to add that the more we are fascinated by His majesty the more favor pouring comes on our lives and automatically opportunities are set up for defeating the enemy. Taking back out castles and thrones, recovering kingdoms that are really ours become the norm. Again the most important thing to remember is the position is operating from victory rather than for victory...(ways of a Royalty).

I have finally added the soundtrack of the song "I see the Light" from the movie, which I think is appropriate here. Because when royalty realizes & recognizes who they are they find dreams are fulfilled and most importantly the fog is lifted and we see the true "Light"

Jesus said "I am the Light" of the world.

Blessings & Shalom,

Sam Kurien

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