Saturday, April 23, 2011

Way of the Warrior - Thought One!

Finished reading "Coming into Alignment" by Graham Cooke what a brilliant book! Cool and awesome cooperated work with the genius-ness of the Holy Spirit. Well I am almost talking like Graham now..what a blessed father of faith who is able to call the gold in people with the words inspired by the Spirit of God.

This season is the beginning of new upgrades, going into higher levels of being a warrior and being in the warrior generation God is calling me into. The secret is learning to last or outlast  with Joy. The secret is to be in the holy of holies, in His secret pavilion and continue to stay in worship and learning to pray like the bride.

Warriors now know this is a new strategy of warfare. The time of standing on the wall and interceding is over, the time for interceding like a bride is the answer to a greater walk of not only intimacy but great exploits, great adventures and greater deliverances.

I tweeted this morning that "12 special force guys were send to Canaan only two went in with the majesty of God. The result ten came back as wimps and the two all ready for taking on the giants in battle." Warriors are being reprogrammed by the brilliantness of the Holy Spirit to increase their focus, be more accountable of the time that is been given. I am realizing more & more this is also choice driven from my part. It is the process of allowing the Holy spirit to take control that makes everything else easier. I am learning that process, impartation, and revelation from God and giving His Holy Spirit permission to do this in any order He may see fit for the different phases of my life results into the strengthening of my inner man.

Thoughts from my journal.

Shalom & Blessings,

Sam Kurien

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