Saturday, December 12, 2009

You got to give a little more than you take!

The story of Joseph is a close one to my heart just because of some painful events of my life, I find strength and hope in revisiting this story from time to time. The animation movies 'Joseph King of Dreams' and 'The Prince of Egypt' are my all time favorites, there is something special of how they dramatized it with songs and weaved the story to capture its essence and I think they did a great job with it. I can never stop crying seeing these movies even when they are just animations (its the true stories that reveal the deeper issues of our heart and bring real healing).

We all know the story of Joseph one of the 12 sons of Jacob the Patriarch. He was a special child and had some unique gifts God had given him, mistreated by his brothers he is sold into Egypt. The turn of events in Egypt brings him before the Pharaoh's throne and he becomes second in command, his wisdom and knowledge saves Egypt from disaster and God orchestrates the events of his life to ultimately save his own family. Joseph was only seventeen when he left his home, sold into slavery, almost 15 years of slavery, false accusation, a prison sentence transforms the boy into a man. I like the Bible verse that says "In all that Joseph did, everything prospered because God was with him".

I picked two songs from the movie which resonate so much with what I am becoming and want to become. The first one is the transformation of Joseph in prison, knowing and understanding God knows best and at any given time he knows better than I and I can take rest for He is in control. The song and the visuals will explain the rest.

The second clip is one from when Joseph is now second in command in Egypt and is entrusted the herculean task to save Egypt with skill, conservation, planning and strategy. I love it when Joseph tells the Pharaoh "Answers and wisdom come from God". Joseph's life has been transformed, he sees himself as a small player in the grand scheme and working of Yahaweh and he wants to give his best, contribute to what God has called him for, fulfill what he is to become a saving hand for millions. Joseph rises up to the challenge and ends up saving not only Egypt but the surrounding nations and his own family. When Joseph reveals himself to his brothers his greatest response is "God send me ahead of you all to save us all". Enjoy the clip.

Thanks to kalilahka2007 for uploading these videos on Youtube.

Blessings and Shalom


Peter Daniel said...

I love these songs. A neat perspective. God is a refuge and ever present in help for His servants.

Mel said...

Jospeh is my favorite characters and his story is so cool!!