Sunday, December 20, 2009


Deep down in each of our hearts is a resonating question "Who Am I?" and "What Am I here for?". These questions how much ever we run, hide, ignore (and even forget) lie in our inner depths singeing a nerve time and again echoing through our core that haunting question which just won't go away. It's a divine hole grafted neatly in our hearts.

I firmly believe one cannot answer those questions unless one knows who God is first, though we cannot define Him, the very fact of knowing Him and believing in Him is the beginning of an understanding of who we are. As we unravel the mysteries of who we are, we slowly also recognize who HE is in us and and who we are in Him. The journey of knowing our identity is so closely related to these ideas that they are also imperative in defining our purpose in life.

To make sense of what I just said, I have chosen one of the best scene's from another movie among my list of favorites -'Gladiator'. The Roman General Maximus was chosen by Marcus Aurelius to be the protector of Rome and entrusted with the task make Rome a republic again. Commodus the immoral son wants to be next Caesar, when he finds he cannot be, he murders his father and wants the allegiance of Rome's most powerful general Maximus. Maximus refuses. We see here two conflicting lives, a man who is not affirmed by his father becomes a ruthless murderer and goes on to be a cruel, foolish dictator; Commodus is a man searching for who he is and is not knowing what he is heading to become. On the other hand we see Maximus is a man who is sure of his identity, his integrity, loyalty and faithfulness all of which win him battles and the allegiance of his soldiers and even that of slaves that fight with him in the sands of the colossieum.

Maximus the Roman general, becomes a sold slave, a slave who becomes a gladiator and a gladiator who finally defies the emperor of Rome. Maximus doesn't know what he can do to save Rome or avenge the murders of his wife and young son, but eventually we go on to see the brave warrior come through. He openly defies the emperor in the Colossieum and when asked about his name and identity he bravely answers "I am Maximum Decimus Meridus, Commander of the Armies of the north, general of the felix legions, loyal servant to the true emperor Marcus Aurelius, father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife and I will have my revenge in this life or the next".

Oh what beautiful lines!....he is a man who knows who he is and is defined by the purpose that is closely associated with his identity. The stunned emperor cannot make a decision, he is swayed by a confused counsel and a dark mind. Maximus on the other hand has won the heart of the crowd and the men who fight along with him. He stands tall among men. It is also fascinating to understand though Maximus's life plans of settling and having a life with family have not gone according to a time table or neatly laid scripted out success story, but he lives his life with a purpose of integrity, love and faithfulness. He defines the moments of his life for a larger purpose, though it ends in his death it brings great honor and saving of an empire from a wicked king. The princess comes down into the Colossieum and says "Maximus was a soldier of Rome and he gave up his life for preserving the idea that Rome once was of free men and freedom and he is worthy to be honored". Truly - the lines that say "What we do in life will echo in eternity" is how Maximus lived and that's how we are to define our actions.

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Anonymous said...

Gladiator is a cool movie and potrays what lie hidden each man's desire to become a real man!!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite clips too. Maximus is compromising and a not so compromising man when it comes to the real stuff.

Brian said...

Nice Post!!

Darrell said...

This is so cool!! Thanks for sharing.

Jim Evans said...

Interesting Perspective. Every man is called out to do something great. He is a protector, provider and is called out to play a part in a larger story. Every heart longs for that.

Thanks for the deep insight.

Keep writing. Will like to meet you some day.

Sam Kurien said...

Thanks Jim. God willing where are you from?