Monday, December 28, 2009

Carpe Aeternitatem

Continuing my theme on 'Intimacy and Fear', I long to change my every moment awareness of keeping 'Eternity' in view, change that perspective of short sightedness and replace it with a vision of seeing things through heaven's eyes. One of our Vice Presidents has a favorite story from the movie 'Dead Poets Society' where an English teacher (Robin Williams) is whispering to the boys 'Carpe Diem' which means 'Seize The Day', he goes on to relate this with another story with the phrase' Carpe Aeternitatem' which in Latin means 'Seize Eternity' with a resonating question ...why just settle for a Day?.

The clip below from the 'Dead Poets Society' is where the teacher tells the students we are fodder for worms anyway so we got to seize the day and make a difference in the world. He inspires the boys to make your lives 'Extraordinary'. As a Christ follower how are we to make our lives extraordinary...REPENT, BELIEVE and BE LOST IN HIM.

Dead Poet's Society - 'Carpe Diem' from Sam on Vimeo.

The second clip is from Leonard Ravenhill's famous sermon "The Judgment Seat of Christ" is not a paltry call to mediocrity but a heart-piercing roar for complete and total abandonment to Jesus. This one will terrify as well as inspire you and me to take our lives more seriously ...oh may it be so..."O Lord stamp eternity on my eyeballs and my mind". O transform and renew my mind with the blood of Christ so I can seize eternity with your help.

Enjoy! and be devotinal to HIM with abandonment!


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