Monday, December 28, 2009

Reflections and Resolutions

The year is winding down and it is time to ponder, reflect and look in the mirror honestly what I have failed to do, what I have done successfully and what the next year's goals and strategies should be. The year personally for me seem to have been a whirlwind as days quickly passed into months and the months rolled away to just a few days that remain into becoming a year.

At work lots of projects have been completed, Nimbusoft continues to be blessed by the Lord with new clients and new ventures and excitingly new possibilities. On the personal sphere Sarah, Hannah and Isaac continue to give me immense joy , laughter , friendship and great moments of being a father and husband. I love it and love you guys a lot. On the spiritual front I have been struggling, a personal observation is I have not been spending a lot of time with the Father and it seems my relationship with Him is always about wanting not waiting. I hope to change that next year in fact 'now'. I long going out for walks into the wilderness, musing below a tree over the running brook or stream. I miss moments of solitude with Yeshua, and these things need to change, I need to get back to that place of longing, roaming and sweet nothings with the Lord. A solid resolution would be for the Lord to help me not to set any idols before me, neither look to the right or left but focus on what He is teaching me on 'Intimacy and Fear'. Another thing I have been missing is writing poetry got to pen some more year in twenty ten, write new songs, psalms and poems. Hopefully even publish something.

Another observation I have to personally make is 'grumbling' on several fronts and not enjoying the moments or the time that has been given and this needs a 360 degree change. Reading lots of books and pursuing knowledge has drained out my time and I need to make an effort to balance that time. I need to set goals of completion coming 2010, things that have been started need to be finished. I need to tap into the reservoir of strength that is in the Lord.

This year has been achievements too..I have completed my comp exams successfully and the dissertation is almost there. 2010 the coveted title of 'Dr.' to my name beckons and of course the not so readiness to pay off those students loans. That brings me the resolution of being a better steward with the wealth and finances God blesses us with, every year has its challenges but I pray that God will continue to enlarge my territory and give me His wisdom to be the better steward of His resources. We have renovated and painted our house plan to finish painting the basement theater room coming year. On the professional front ITIL and PMP, SOA certifications need to renewed. The challenges would be to get new big clients, get into new partnerships for Nimbusoft to develop and launch the product by the end of this year. I am sure will revamp, re-plan and add to this bird's view list and it is a good thing.
I hope I continue to be faithful and have an open mind and attentive ears with a faith to back it up so...Holy Spirit strengthen your servant with wisdom and holy fear to accomplish, complete and encourage others to bring Yeshua the ultimate glory.


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Blessings and Good Luck as you accomplish great things for Him