Monday, November 02, 2009

Will you Fight?

I have been meaning to write blogs on all of my favorite movies and in the tradition of John Eldredge and his famous books love to explain and understand the spiritual truths behind them. Unraveling the greater story from the smaller stories of history. So continuing on the movie lines... 'Braveheart' is another one of my favorites.

Every man deep inside wants to be like William Wallace, in fact God the father has created us to be that. He created us in His own image. God is a warrior God and we are born in the midst of battle, born to fight for good, fight for our families, our wives, our children, be the voice of those who don't have a voice, stand for the weak, poor and the needy. Though fighting takes many forms of courage and diverse forms of battles, it is in knowing that we are bought with a price, the blood of our Lord identifies our true identiy. It is in knowing we are born free and a great price was paid to buy our freedom and to maintain it against the onslaught of the enemy we are called to be defiant, brave and ever depending on the Lord. It is in knowing who He is in us and who we ae in Him.

The snippet here is the Scottish landlords have gathered with their armies to negotiate a deal with the English. Fear strikes the men as they see this vastness of the intruding army, slowly they begin to scatter. It is at this time Wallace arrives on the scene. He thanks the landlords for showing up on the battlefield and then turns to the fleeing men asking the pivotal question "Will you Fight?". They answer is an emphatic "No" as they resound that they will run and save their lives. It is at this crucial point William Wallace gives them the identity as to who they are. He sees and calls them "Sons of Scotland" and a countrymen of free scots who have gathered to give an answer to tyranny, more strongly he teaches them in his speech the value of freedom. He tells them many years from today when you lie on your bed thinking if you had one chance...just one chance to come back here to this day and tell your perpetrators that they can take our lives but they will never be able to take their freedom.

I see a striking parallel with our christian lives as I mentioned earlier, the enemy (Satan) and his allies have launched a tremendous assault on human kind, he can't bear the fact the world has been won over by the blood of the lamb, he has lost but now he is taking the offense and is not only frightening the bride, but tearing her apart with division, murder, injustice, lies and destruction. Bothers... we are born in the midst of war, called to fight, called to take the onslaught of Heaven to the corners of all earth to tell men they are free because of the Lamb of God.

Will you Fight?

If we die, we die, if our life is forfeited then so be it...We will fight!! but our enemy will know he cannot defeat us and neither can he cover our eyes with myopia that we are not really free.


Sam Kurien


Rachel Dawn Kornfield said...

Nice, Sam! You mention John Eldredge. Have you read the book, "Waking the Dead?" This post reminds me a lot of the first couple chapters of that book.



Sam Kurien said...

I have read all of John Eldredge books. I know him personally and been to his retreats.
Many close friends work for his ministry. He lives in the Springs.

sam said...

We are called to fight the devil everywhere, not just for everything that we value, but also for the Kingdom of God. And I guess the urge to fight should be purely of the Spirit. The burden for souls should be from the Holy Spirit. Our motives should be replaced by His motives in our lives. And though we might not easily accomplish this, we should always seek to nullify "ourselves" and ask the Lord to take hold of everything we do.