Monday, November 02, 2009

For all your goodness and blessings

Growing up in a  Syrian christian home, I had the wonderful opportunity to sing and listen to some amazing songs that were composed by family relatives that have become famous church hymns. The one in the video espcially  brings a lot of tears and memories whenever I hear I share it here. I will make the best attempt to translate as it is in Malyalam. The translation though not perfect will give you the gist of its richness.
Oh for all your goodness and merices, what can I do for you,
My heart overwhelms with your goodness and your praises resound as songs to you.
You lifted me out of my sins and bore the curse for me...oh my savior
You have led me oh my God all the days of my life, so I worship you with all my being

You have taken the promise to look after me all the days of my life, guarding me from all evil,
You are the only power in my life,
This servant of yours will be always in your presence, praising you and living for my Lord and husband,
Though I was guilty you brought me into the light and made me stand holy in your presence with your strength.
All the days i live on earth I will live praising and worshipping your name always.

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Rachel Dawn Kornfield said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing a little of your home culture with us!