Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturate My Soul

Yeshua alone can saturate my soul, Yeshual alone can fulfill my heart,
The lover calls and beckons me to come, Oh He alone satisfies,
He alone can refresh, He alone can consume and be the King of all my being
Blow upon my garden O North Wind, lover of my soul, let the rivers flow.
Song of Solomon is a powerful book in the heart of the Bible, ultimately its reflection is more than the intimacy between man and woman but it is the intimacy with the creator and the created being. The oneness of joining into the “Unio Mystica” That’s what we are called for and that’s how Yeshua himself showed us how he lived. The Cross that he carried to Calvary, the pain, the blood spilled was nothing compared to the agony He went through of separating himself from God. Yet He did it gladly to invite us in to share that level of intimacy, so that nothing else satisfies. Here is another one of my favorite songs sung by Karen Davis a messianic worshiper at Kehliat HaCarmel congregation in Israel taken from the Song of Solomon.

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Rachel Dawn Kornfield said...

And some people still think they need masturbation... lol.