Sunday, November 08, 2009

Time for waiting is Past.

I really love this from the sayings of C.T.Studd and his passion to inspire men. This gave me goosebumps..."masculine holiness" daring faith in Jesus Christ. God has called us and we are to be part of His campaign against an assault on the enemy, "reckless sacrifices" and "Heroism"...Oh! I love that. Shackles of traditions , laziness, lukewarmness, coldness, nothing I say nothing, should stop us from advancing the Glory of God.

I am reminded of Joshua one of our great heroes of faith. On the morning of a battle against the Kings of the Amorites and the Kings of Canaanites, Joshua lifts up his eyes and sees a man with His sword drawn against him. He runs up to him and asks him if he was for us or against them and He replies "I have come as the Captain of the Lord's Host of Armies". Joshua worships Him and Yeshua replies "Loose thy shoe from your stand on Holy Ground".

We come to a time where we are on holy ground and the Lord of Hosts himself is drawn His sword to battle alongside with us. Isn't that awesome! Enjoy!, Live Love,Worship and Fight!

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