Monday, January 09, 2017

7 points from Exodus 33

I  am sitting on the grounds of a castle built in the late 1800's by General William Palmer for his wife, Queen. Taking a break away from our leadership strategy meetings and enjoying these beautiful grounds and nature around me.  Today's morning devotional from Exodus 33 was good for my soul, and it centers around the Lord's presence. The story is about Moses entering the tent of meeting where God hangs out with him. Whenever Moses went to commune with God, the Israelites stood outside their tents and worshiped God as the pillar of God's glory cloud came down at the entrance of the tent of meeting. In the description of chapter 33 Moses on this occasion makes a distinct demand of God as he has come interceding for a congregation that has just disobeyed, danced around the golden calf exchanging the Glory of God for a graven image. Moses in this place of intercession reveals his heart and requests the Lord that he would not want to leave this place if the presence of God did not go with them.  The Lord in His kindness listens to Moses because He has favor, position and rest with God. Psalm 103 records I paraphrase  'Moses was aware of the ways (nature) of God while the children of Israel were aware of his works.'  It is very much evident in Exodus 33 and here are seven points I desire and take away from this passage.

1. When God's presence goes with us He gives you Rest (Exodus 33:14)

2. The Glory of God is His Goodness towards us. I want God's goodness surrounding me and passing in front of me. I want to see the Glory of God.

3. I want to not only see God's Glory; I want to see His face. Moses saw God's glory as well as stand with Yeshua beholding the son's Glorious face. He ministered unto Him on Mt. Carmel.

4. In intimacy with Him, I not only find favor for myself but He positions me to come in boldness to reason, negotiate, plead, intercede for others and be blasted away by His love, blessings, and His goodness.

5. Exodus 33 reveals how God talked to Moses. The English Bible does a poor job translating "God spoke to Moses as a man speaks to his friend." The Hebrew is much more visual "God talked to Moses by putting His face on Moses' face and his lips on Moses' lips."  I want that intimacy!

6. God is looking for leaders who are His close ones!

7. As Psalm 27 says I want to hide in the secret shelter of His tent!.That is surest and safest place to be.

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