Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prophetic Painting

Been very busy with taxation season last month but now I plan to catch up on some writing. End of January got an unexpected gift; a painting from a prophetic artist friend of ours Lori Vafiades. The painting is that of Joshua lingering at the entrance of the tent of meeting. Here is the picture:

What Lori didn't know was that I had written a poem a few years ago with the title "Lingering" that talked about Joshua hanging about the tent long after his leader Moses had returned back to the camp after talking and being in the presence of Yahweh. Lori titles the paining "The Young man would not depart from the tent  ". May we all continue the lingering and the longing for Him. Wait we don't have to long or be that desperate...His presence is very close. Yet He creates the longing for you to come more closer.

Blessings & Shalom,

Sam Kurien

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Lori said...

Sam-it is my joy, each time I visit your home, to know my art brings your family joy. It was meant just for you and Sarah. blessings, lori vafiades