Friday, March 18, 2011

I love this man "Yeshua"

Recently I heard a song called "Let Go Now" a 9 minute rendition by Kelanie Gloeckler. As I heard this song multiple times and meditated on its words, the Holy Spirit's presence was surrounding me and bubbling within me. It was almost as if my heart was about to explode multiple times. I knew then at the moment the Holy Spirit was presenting me to this man "Jesus" ...all I could say is I am in love with this man "Jesus". The Holy Spirit was presenting me as a bride to the Son of God, tears rolling uncontrollably, my devotion and commitment unceasing and my surrender complete.

The song has these two beautiful lines in its chorus: "All I want to do is lose myself in you, lean back in your arms and just let go now." O Lord I want be in the center of your holy flame, your ways are higher than mine, ready to give you everything - to take your heart to the ends of earth. The songs goes on to say "I surrender to your holy burn, break me wide open to carry your heart".

I love you O Jesus. There is no one I love more than you and you have my everything.  I know now what Mary Magdalene and the disciples felt when He was around. I understand the parable of the ten virgins the five that had the oil - "the oil is the intimacy" - I know I am not coherent or correlating rightly here but I know its about being in "crazy love" with Him and enjoying Him constantly.

Blessings & Shalom,

Sam Kurien

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