Sunday, February 06, 2011

Tarnish The Twisted Theologies

I am tired of a powerless Christianity where 90% of the church believes the heart is evil. But most of us forget those who are in Christ have a new heart. They are a new creation. The heart is misunderstood, maligned, feared, dismissed and numbed. We are aware of the loss but the recovery and restoration has been done by the great work of Christ and that is a powerful liberating idea. And the good news is its not just an idea, it is a done deal, a completed work in a born again believer.

The enemy doesn't want you to know who you are in Christ and wants you to ignore your heart, wants you to forget that you have the mind of Christ now. The enemy either wants you to live in fear or anxiety, when he has that corner he knows he doesn't have to do anything.

The heart is the wellspring of life because that is where God resides, He has made your heart a throne room. Without your heart you cannot love God, you cannot have faith and most importantly the new man now lives there. Its the place where He has given you abundant life, He kept His promise and now your heart is good and you can do great things with who you are.

Let us cast our twisted theologies, there is a struggle but my heart is controlled by the Spirit of God living in me and if I stumble, I have an advocate in Heaven but the miracle is He has changed my desires, He has made me extremely powerful in Him.

Blessings, & Shalom,

Sam Kurien

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Judy David said...

Excellent post on the heart. I say we in the cessationist church are taught about the sin part but not much on the victory part…. The Hellfire and brimstone types hit hard on sin, but not much about the new creature or blessed finished work of Christ.

Thanks for the reminder!!