Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A few days ago I tweeted "What happens when you put a prince in a prison, he transforms the prison into a Palace". This transformation can happen only when the Lord Almighty is with you. It does not matter what your circumstances are or what your surroundings are, Yeshua takes you through the process where sometimes it just does not make sense. But this is for sure because you are His son, you are His Prince, He waits for the golden things in your heart to shine forth. So you are ready for greater things when they happen. Even if they don't you are in a good place. I have posted about this through Joseph's life in my post of December 2009, the patriach's life has always been close to me and I upload these videos again from my Vimeo channel as a reminder.

I was thinking King David went through the same process for almost 17 years before he became king, I wonder if we were to ask David what he felt was comfortable the Palace life or the life of a mercenary? I suspect he would reply the life of running from one battle field to another, from valley to valley where he felt closest to God. I am not an advocate of a painful life, but the painful process that reveals what is in our heart is what God is after. The process can take in a palace or in the battlefield and even so in the mundane routines....

What I take away from Joseph and David's life is that we are called for greatness because His greatness and His glory is what we are living for, it ends up being a blessing and saving of many.

Blessigns & Shalom,

Sam Kurien


Anonymous said...

This is great, Sam! Thanks for the reminder! :)

BonnieC said...

Thank you Sam. I REALLY needed to hear this today. Why must I learn this over and over and over again?