Sunday, November 07, 2010

God Honors His Servant Moses

I have long wanted to post this revelation, but for some it may not be a revelation at all. But its recorded here anyway. In the book of Numbers Yahweh tells the children of Israel that they have grumbled against Him ten times and hence they will not enter the promised land. The grieved heart of God tells the entire generation that came out of Egypt because of this very reason they will die in the desert and the only their children will enter the promised land of rest. In Leviticus we observe when a High priest committed a sin the offering was a bull which in that day's economic terms was expensive. When a common person who was poor sinned the offering was to be a female goat, these laws were instituted to accommodate that God's people were to be holy and separate. I propose this here as a side note because it gives perspective of God's heart and His fairness.

Keep this in mind Moses was the leader who was leading the children of Israel out of bondage. Throughout his career he just committed one mistake and that mistake was striking the rock when God had specifically instructed him not to. The mistake cost Moses entering into the promised land along with the same punishment that the unbelieving generation got. We see in scriptures Moses pleading God to allow him to enter the promised land but the Lord tells him not to push this matter further and that he will only be able to see it from a distance on the hill but will not enter it and that he will die and be gathered unto his fathers.

Moses dies without entering the promised land and more importantly Moses did not know what was God's plan to honor him in spite of a mistake. Fast forward now two thousand years later, God honors his servant to stand in the promised land with His son Yeshua at the mount of transfiguration along with Elijah. Little did Moses knew all along God would know the deep desire of his servant's heart and He would honor and elevate it at an extraordinarily new level. The honor was to stand with the King of the Universe Himself during His ministry on earth.

This has blessed me from time to time because God is not only the redeemer of our hearts but He is also the one who fulfills the desires of our hearts. He knows the times and those who faithfully wait and honor Him will stand honored.

Blessings & Shalom,

Sam Kurien

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Anonymous said...

So.. true.. our lives are a living example of this! -MS