Monday, May 31, 2010

"Fight! Fight!" - My Son Is Wild

I love watching my little boy grow. He is such a combination of a lover and a warrior. The other day we were at Panera's and the simple sipping straw turns into a mighty sword and he beckons his papa to lift up that fork and fight him. At home he has his play swords, sometimes he carries them to bed ever watchful if some monsters were to jump out of the closet, he is ready to spill blood (green or red...he doesn't mind). He  runs around the hallways of our home sometimes chasing his sister or many a times rising in her defense.  Waving his sword, he stomps the spiders and bugs rescuing the damsels in distress (his mother and sister) who are terrified at the very sight of these bugs. The chants of 'Fight, Fight' is common sound in our household. Don't misunderstand me, its a good sound to hear especially coming from a two year old; reminds me we are in constant warfare in the spiritual realm and in the natural. I love watching this in Issac, no one has taught him to fight (especially from his papa who considers himself as a man of the tents) it is  built into him, its a heart that God has created in him. Isaac is also a snuggler and a lover, always ready to show love and compassion. At Sunday School, he pushes the bigger boys down if challenged and at the same time obedient to his teachers and doing what is commanded and gentle to the girls.  Why am I bragging? I not only want to but I learn from my little boy. Men are created in the image of God to be that warrior and yet to be gentle and tender hearted. Yeshua showed this He was filled with compassion, love and mercy but He is the same God who made a whip and lashed out at the merchants who had turned his sanctuary into a marketplace. He is the same God who stood in the pillar of fire terrifying the armies of Egypt, He is the same God who had wept at Lazarus's tomb but is enthroned on heaven's throne as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The Son of God is Wild (lover-warrior & a consuming fire), and he has created me and my son in His image.

My love-thoughts for the day.

Sam Kurien.

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