Saturday, February 03, 2007

In The Presence Of Friend And King

Thank you O Lord for calling me a friend,
Thank you my Savior for being my best friend,
Even though you are the Most High King, yet scarcely I understand:
You have called me friend,
O LORD, let your friendly counsel be on all my dwelling,
O Awesome King let your friendly counsel be on my tents in the same way
And even more like your friendly counsel was upon the tents of Abraham, Jacob, and Job.
Being in friendship with you is loving you.
You reveal your secrets and wisdom to the ones you love
O LORD, let your presence come, your presence alone make my dwelling places beautiful.
O King of Kings there is a longing, your friend is asking you for
Your manifest presence to be always be near my tent, Like Moses said, I do not want to go
Without your presence, what will differentiate me and my family from the nations,
We do not want to move without your presence going with us, without your presence surrounding us,
Your presence is my place of habitation and I want you to be my habitation forever O LORD, my rock.

O Loving Friend, I trust in you, O Holy One, thank you for making me holy by your blood,
Come and dwell once again forever, for with your presence comes rest so sweet,
Comes abiding in you, being in you, being a fruitful branch deep in Christ the eternal vine,
Your presence brings your glory in my home, in my household,
O LORD let your servant whom you have called friend, always know, in my inner heart,
In my inner core, in my every being the holy fear, the holy reverence of my KING,
And at the same time enjoy the freedom of friendship; enjoy the freedom of being in love with you,
Yes LORD! This is not just a desire, but reason of my life, created to be yours alone,
Thank you LORD, my King for making me a friend.
Thank you LORD, my King for inviting me in the precious communion of your love,
To enjoy the communion within the communion, the best place to be in awe and love.
Oh what love ravishing my soul, satisfying more than any earthly satisfaction.
Cups, Jars and vessels, my temple overflowing with your presence,
Lying in a heavenly meadow of rest and solitude, Shalom of Yeshua surrounding
Filled, filled and filled in your presence,
Overflowing, loving, loving, loving, I love your presence Friend and My King.

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