Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Awaiting The Return of the King on Zion

I often wonder during the pre messianic times in Judea the expectation among the people from the poor masses of people (who were considered rubble) to the Rabbis there was a fervent expectancy of His coming. Have we lost that today? Where is our passion? Where is that eager expectancy?....The time is near...for The Return of the King on Zion.

I love this ancient Jewish song called 'Adon Olam' which talks about the LORD's reign on the Universe and sings praises to His name. Here is the transliteration and translation in Hebrew and English.

Adon olam asher malakh
Be-terem kol yetzir nivra
Le-et na'asa be-cheftzo kol
Azai melekh shemo nikra

Ve-acharei kikholot ha-roi
Levado yimlokh nora
Ve-hu haya ve -hu hove
Ve-hu yihiye be-tifara

Lord of the Universe,
He reigned before creations,
teeming birth;
erst when His fiat
all ordained acknowledged King
Supreme on earth
and, when these worlds
shall pass away
He shall still govern,
sole sublime who was,
Who is and will be aye,
All Glorious to the end of time.

Blessings & Shalom


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