Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Are you in the Dance?

Recently a close friend of mine gave me a symbolism from the movie 'Shall we dance'. It has struck a chord with my heart and resonates a deep emotion in the relationship each one of us has when you are in intimacy with God.

A scene in the movie shows JLo the actress in a stance with Richard Gere stretching out her body backwards and letting herself completely be held by him. The only way she could be in this stretched out position was to completely be in the strength of her dancing partner holding her. And the only way she could get back up was to be lifted up by her dancing partner holding her.

Oh! what a picture. God wants you and me to be in that position or stance many a times in the dance of life. A complete surrender of letting go and being in rest and at the same the vulnerability of a dangerous exposure that you can't get back up without his help in raising you up. The music, beat, the high and the low moments of this dance all have their importance but those moments of surrender, meekness and experiencing the healing touch, His precious hands holding you are the key moments of growth.

So are you in the dance? If so, what stance are you in? The One who dances with and over you is always in control.

Blessings and Shalom,

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Anonymous said...

Jesus is the PERFECT dance partner. He never steps on my toes, leads me gently, and always catches me when I fall. In my dance, with Him, He never ceases to amaze me with His perfect timing and guidance. On low days, He stands taller and takes on the demands of life's choreography. On lighter days, He pushes me to try those harder steps and even encourages me to improvise a bit...and I do....but I always allow Him to continue leading me. When I don't let Him lead, let's just say that my dance turns into a boxing match....not pretty.