Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Three Brothers

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I heard this one from a speaker who came to our church last Sunday...enjoy!

There were three brothers who lived in a part of Hong Kong called Mong Kok (most densely populated area of Hong Kong). They were poor and lived with their mom. Through the struggles of their mom they survived, got by with good education. All the three worked hard in their businesses and eventually prospered and became very rich. Not just rich but very rich! Their business empires spanned nations and on the 60th birthday of their mother they all got together and decided to honor their mom. The eldest brother proposed that he would buy mother a 5000 sq ft apartment in Mid level's (less densely populated part of Hong Kong) so she can live comfortably and leave that dingy little place in Mong Kok. The second brother said well if you are giving a flat I will give her a Rolls Royce Phantom with a chauffeur to drive her around the town. The third brother who had connections all across the world thought since mother is a Christian and wants a talking companion he would buy her a talking parrot which he would teach to recite the whole Bible. The birthday came and the three brothers offered their gifts to their mother. After a few months the mother requested the eldest son that she wanted to give him the flat back as she was quite lonely in the big place and wanted to return to her small apartment in Mong Kok. She likewise returned the Rolls Royce to the second son saying that it was too big a car and she literally had to shout at the chauffeur from the backseat for him to hear. She finally called the third son and said, 'Now you are a son who knows my tastes in life thank you...the parrot was delicious'


Sharon said...

This is so true. We often misinterpret our colleagues and siblings and presume that they know it all. Presumption can Kill and especially when they are made by the people who we trust the most. So what was this story in relation to? Great post. Tell me more on this story.

Becca said...

I have heard that same story from our pulpit! It is very funny ... and too often too true!