Friday, August 12, 2005

Mercy is Falling like a sweet sweet rain

It’s a long time that I haven't blogged but in this period of waiting and good blessings I just not have had time to put my praises into phrases. Recording it in ink (or bytes) is important as I may forget my daily praises to what God is doing in my life. So here it comes...

I have been studying the first five books of Law and want to record things that have immensely blessed me, may this reading (whoever is reading) also bless you from my heart to yours. In the book of Numbers Chapter 20 there is an account of Moses’ error at Kadesh.

The account tells us when the children of Israel were in the wilderness they grumbled against Moses and the Lord as they had no water to drink. When Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before the Lord, the Lord's glory appears at the door of the tabernacle. He instructs Moses to speak to the rock (notice speak not strike ch 20 vs: 8), but poor Moses in his rashness strikes the rock twice and the waters come out abundantly and the bible says the congregation and their animals drank. What impressed me in this account was Moses clearly disobeyed but still God supplied the needs of the people by providing them water. As a child I often thought the waters that came out of the rock might have been trickles or small streams...can you imagine if that was the case the two or three million people who were there would have perished, but what happened was rivers flowed into the desert so these vast multitude of people and their animals could drink abundantly. The third thing I learnt was in Numbers the Lord tells the people of Israel that ten times you have grumbled and not trusted me (literally you can count all the ten times) and so He tells them none of you shall inherit the promised land, on the other hand Moses in the entire journey has committed only one mistake and God judges him that he will not set foot on the promised land but shall die before entering it. The lesson I learn from here is God holds higher standards for the leader even when he commits a small mistake but with the congregation of people He waits mercifully. We see the same principle in Leviticus when the Lord gives His laws to the children of Israel, when a common man sins he is required to offer a female goat (which is cheap in cattle terms) as restitution but when a priest sins (who is in leadership position) he had to offer a bull (which was expensive in those days). Our God is a just God, full of mercy and compassion. The best blessing to my heart in this account was though Moses disobeyed and messed up, God punished him but God in His soverignity made a way of honoring His servant. Thousands of years later God gives Moses the honor to stand with Jesus on Mt.Carmel at the transfiguration. Oh! what a blessing...when I learnt this I was in tears... getting a peek into the heart of our God, truly He is merciful and just, compassionate and keeping His mercy and promise to thousand generations.

May the Lord, God of Israel be your peace and great reward.

Shalom and Blessings,

I did not know what to title this one, was reminded of a song 'Mercy is falling like a sweet sweet rain'...surely God's mercy is like a sweet rain falling and lifting us every day. I post a couple more things that I have learnt in my next few posts.


Jimmy said...

Ya know, Christians sometime make the big mistake of skipping over the Old Testament because they assume it doesn't relate to the Christian faith. How wrong can they be!! The great job of intermingling the mercy of God spanning both Testaments and especially all of time proves how much the Old Testament has to teach us.
Thanks for the "thanks" on JoeB's blog to me and for stopping by to Being God's. Come anytime!

SDMemoirs said...

Thank you