Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joy of Being

I have almost 12 posts in my drafts on the "Names of God" that I have been meditating on.... but the Lord is teaching me more and more in the discipline of 'Being'. Though, I have mentioned this elsewhere the state of being in the presence of the Lord is becoming very clear yet intensely paradoxical & mysterious to me...strange isn't it? I have mentioned the picture He has been
impressing me for a few months is that of Mary sitting astounded, enjoying and being in the lavishness of His presence. The state is not about doing, yet in a way it prepares for doing so much more.

The state is not just about wasting time but investing in what He is making and revealing you to become. God is a relational being and He always starts out with defining our relationship with Him; which means though we want our honey do lists be satisfied by Him, His first yearning for us is to be in Him and He in us; to be extravagantly loved in the identity He has called us into. The mystery just does not stop there but continues in the same marveling of the nature of who He is.

God is relational and His motive begins with love in relationships. I may not be making any sense here but the idea is paradoxical indeed, so much so that this state is what He was referring to in John Chapter 15. Imagine, how awful it would be for a wife and a husband if they only talked to him/her when they just wanted their needs met or a child only talks to the father when they want something. Our heavenly father wants us to have fellowship with us, His eternal purpose is in crafting this story to reveal His Son so that we might have fellowship in their love. He is not here to just meet our desires, goals and to do's He yearns for our fellowship and hence He purposefully and masterfully puts the divine hole in every being. And even in the ones that know Him intimately, the Lord's desire is to take them into a journey of infinite revelations of His Glory.

The Bible tell us Moses was acquainted and accustomed with the presence and the ways of Lord whereas Israel was only expectant to receive the next level of His miracles. Clearly, though a continuous transformation occurred in Moses life, his only desire was to be in and abide in the presence of the One who had called Him from the burning bush. During the 40 year journey Moses's relationship grows so intimate that the scriptures reveal that He talked to Him like a man talks to his friend. Moses reveals his desire that He would not move till the presence of the Lord moved with them. The joy of being is also the greatest leadership quality a person can have as abiding in the one who is wisdom itself, relying on the one who reveals and transforms situations, the one who goes before our enemies and the one who wants me and you to abide in forever in His goodness.



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Sarah said...

Love it, honey! I so enjoy learning to BE in His presence with you!