Monday, October 24, 2011

Joy Of The Lord

John Eledredge one of my favorite author's latest book is out and what a fantastic title for the Lord "Beautiful Outlaw". Though I haven't read it, I will still recommend it, as anything coming out from The Ransomed heart ministries stable is so fresh, rejuvenating and life giving as they strive to reflect Him. Anyway I started with this because I get John's newsletters, blurbs and promotions. In the inauguration of the book one of the terms John uses for describing Jesus is "His Playfulness" and many in the religious quarter may be aghast with this portrayal. I got an experience of His Playfulness in setting me up last week so stay with me on this. Last week as I drove to work the Lord spoke to me saying " I am giving you a gift of the "Joy of the Lord" and so use it (I thought I already have it, so why is He reminding me of this again). So I took it lightly or light heartedly and was on my way.

That day on my lunch break I went to the DMV's office for registration of my license plates for my new SUV.After the waiting ordeal ended I realized the front license plate needed a mount which apparently is a sold as an accessory. So after that I drove off to Advance Auto - a parts store bought the plate for back, they didn't have one for the front and engaged in the project of mounting the back plate. As I did, I kept the front plate on tailgate side and within moments the plate disappeared. While fiddling with the back plate I had put my keys in my pocket and started looking for the front plate. How in the world could the front plate disappear? I searched and searched. Frustration set in and  I knew somehow a spiritual attack was forming to be in place. Though I did realize this consciously but didn't use the morning gift the Lord had given me. Finally! I found the plate sitting in the groove hiding between the third row and storage space behind it. I took it out carefully and CAREFULLY examined the groove for anything else and saw NOTHING (Even used a flashlight). As soon as I found the front plate, I embarked on getting on with life, I had to be back at the office by 1:00 pm for a meeting, it was already 12:30. But now my key was missing from the bunch of keys in the key ring I carried and ...of course the only key that was missing was the SUV key. I cannot to date understand how a single key would come out of a solid key ring (which by the way is even difficult to get it out by hand). I frantically started searching, inside, outside, under the cover, over the no avail my frustration took the tarmac at 100 mph. But another interesting thing happened along with frustration fear set in, a fear of a presence that clearly was telling me you are under attack and I have got you.

I called my wife who in wisdom calmed and rebuked the spiritual attack and agreed to come down to pick me up. As soon as I was going to hang up I saw the single key right in the groove where I dug the license plate out. Again I have no idea why and how a single key would come out magically (it was not magic)  and lie in the same place. Those of us who know and believe in the supernatural realm know that because we are spiritual beings there is a struggle that goes on in the supernatural realms both from God and demonic side manifesting in the natural realm. Though my realization came in late, I did not use the Joy of the Lord to come out in praise to rebuke this spiritual attack. However finally as I drove off I knew it was time to praise God (a little late) but I eventually did so.

That evening at cell group we were listening to one of the Bethel Church evangelistic tools teaching  by Chris Overstreet. In my spirit I felt His playful tug saying - "I am going to set you up so that you learn deeply". In the teaching Chris talked about the primary core values or motivators that Bethel Church holds closely for Supernatural Evangelism. I summarize them here:

1. Love - Our motivation should be "love"
2. Honor - "People don't care how much you know but they do care about how much you care. Realizing that People are not projects and every individual needs and deserves honor irrespective of what their state or belief system is.
3. Presence Of the Lord - His presence teaches us how to move in the miraculous. Every time we turn our hearts affection to Jesus it ushers in the presence of the Lord.
4. Power of God - His presence brings His power and hence the signs and wonders are natural pointers towards God in revealing to Him deeply who He is. Raw power (His power) is basic to our ministry and the very fundamental of steps. Power of God allows for power encounters and God uses them to transform lives.
5. And Finally there it was I knew He was waiting to spring this on me "Joy of the Lord"...His presence and praise brings His Joy.

I knew it He was bringing this closer to home in His own playfulness (I never knew he could use something like this and be playful with you deep within) with the afternoon incident.When He says and gives it freely, we should jump on it, soak in it and be in it. At a deeper level He was teaching me that the Joy of the Lord equates to also the "beauty of the Lord". Moses in Psalm 90 sings "May the beauty of the Lord be upon us" , he is also essentially saying this brings the Joy of the Lord upon us".

I was realizing that when God gives something, Satan comes to steal it, destroy and if your starter finally lights up and realizes that you forgot what God said, Satan will guilt trip you even for that. Yeshua in His love and His playfulness is patient and teaches me that its a state of being and I cannot work for it or strive for it. He has done it, He gives it freely and I love it and I love Him deeply for this.

Shalom and Blessings,

Sam Kurien

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Amardeep Raval. Darshan Mehta said...

I always say God's moves are mysterious I have experienced this many times.