Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Nice Guy! - Warning Nice Guys not permitted to watch the 2nd Clip

I love the work of Ransomed heart ministries, John Elderege is among my favorite hero- authors and the team at Ransom heart is awesome in carrying out the special message of discovering freedom that Yeshua won for us and liberating the hearts of men and women. WOW! What a mission? The clip below is one that they share in the introduction of what masculinity was not intended to be. No offense to Mr. Rogers and his nice guy image but come on...our entire culture of Christianity is moving towards the belief that the highest aspirations is to be nice all the time and the greatest virtue is not to offend anyone

esus invites us to have the heart of passion, and the passionate heart is powerful when it is free, it is released to chase after hunger and righteousness. When I survey the life of The King of Kings in the Gospel all I see most of the time is a fierce savior, gentle and a consuming God on a relentless rescue mission. It is not this nice guy who has come to invite everybody to be friends. Yeshua says the kingdom heaven belongs to violent men (passionate men) and they will take back and bring the kingdom of God on earth. I relate well when Elderedge paints this picture with the opening scenes of 'Saving Private Ryan' - the greatest generation that ran and jumped on the beaches of Normandy to meet the enemy dead on.  The idea to lay down, take the stand and meet head on the enemies that have come to steal and destroy. I have included the whole scene here for a purpose, these men sacrificed against all odds, these men overcame their fears, weakness's for the higher purpose just like Jesus did. And these men lived based on one of the truths Yeshua taught "A good friend lays down his life for the sake of others".

I think the greatest enemy today within our Christian cultures and circles is that of apathy, this unfortunately is also the greatest enemy of our pursuit of being passionate for holiness and righteousness. Friends our calling is not just to be the nice guy, but to take a stand where need be and go out with passion and courage. Look at your savior, He is something just more than powerful, He is Holy and demands holiness and may Yeshua instill in us His Spirit of courage to follow Him wherever He may lead.

Blessings & Shalom,

Sam Kurien


Hannah said...

great post. i really agree!!! thanks for continuing to encourage and inspire with your blog, Sam!

Sam Kurien said...

Thanks Hannah, you are a encouragement to me.

blessings Friend.