Thursday, February 25, 2010

Leadership Lessons From Yeshua...A Savior who will put Himself In the Front

The Gospels immensely bless me as they contain the red letter words directly from the source of all life itself and I am thoroughly enjoying and marveling at the words of Yeshua. Every time you read them a portion of your spirit, body and mind gets healed and renewed, it is not only miraculous in what it achieves but it gives life in abundance.

I am going through the gospel of John and boy the sweet moments with the Lord is not anything I am willing to trade for. John 14 -19 are the chapters that revolve around His last days on earth, the scene is He has just washed the feet of the disciples and his heart is troubled at not merely that assignment that He is going to finish but He is sad for He will have to leave the disciples and their company. In the most emotinal moments of His life - He entreats the special tweleve with the endearment "Dear Children" (I ponder at that expression - the weight of His emotion, sorrow and resolve even when He is all knowing)  He is sad that He is going (or has) to leave them for now, but promises them that He is not going to leave them as ophans, He promises that He has to go so that He can send the Holy Spirit of God to encourage them and lead them to the ends of the earth.

Late on again we see the defending Savior-Father in chapter 18 the scene now is in the garden and as His disciples wake up with the on coming commotion of the Roman legion (A legion at the lowest number is usally 70 soliders but can some time go up to few hundreds or a thousand)  with the temple guards led by Judas. Yeshua goes out and asks the question "Who are you looking for?" and they say "Jesus of Nazareth and He replies  "I AM He" and immediately the legion and all those who were fall flat on the ground in fear. He asks them a second time "Who are you looking for?" and they give the same reply and He tells them where verse 8 quotes

"I told you that I am he," Jesus answered. "If you are looking for me, then let these men go." 9This happened so that the words he had spoken would be fulfilled: "I have not lost one of those you gave me."[a]
This blesses me because we see the man's man standing up in courage and his first perogative is to protect His children, His disciples, His men at firs He reveals who He is....He is the great "I AM" (the God of all ages) then He knows for the assignment to be complete, for the WAR to be won decisively He has to give the ultimate sacrifice but before that His men are to live and not to be harmed.

Usually if you introspect the the practice of the Roman legions in History you will see the roman war machinery was trained systematically to destroy, plunder and kill everything in its way be it taking down a city or arresting the eneimeis of Rome, so knowing this I wonder if the Roman legion and the temple guards had pursued to attack and kill the disciples (which they wouldn't have now clearly paralyzed with fear with the mere three words of the man they had come arrest) the demeanor of our Lord would have changed. They were only able to take Him only because, He submitted for His battle was not with men but for saving them instead from the clutches of the eternal enemy of old.

I love and marvel at the character and nature of my King, He puts Himself first before His children, He will battle for His Children and He will battle with us in the time of WAR.

Blessings & Shalom,

Sam Kurien

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