Monday, February 18, 2008

Mystery & Adventure

There are many higher themes to live for in this life. If we don’t we are pretty much not living…might as well as be dead. There are many adventures that we must take, voyages that we must travel, fight the dangerous beasts and dragons, cross the seven seas, find a hidden map, discover a secret cove, come across a hidden treasure. Travel lands that are far and away, rescue the damsel in distress, talk to talking trees, fly on a bird, meet up with strange creatures and all along the way make memories and great friends.

I am beginning to think life is not all about waking up, going to an 8 to 5 job, coming back sip a coffee or wait in a line with umpteen cars ahead of you in a star bucks drive thru or even coming home and tending to endless bills, solving issues and problems and going about tit and tat, aunty may and uncle pape. Yet it is a reality that most of us live in. There is something higher the human soul yearns for… a friend once said "I would die if life was all about this…and my soul yearns the need to be wrapped in an adventure" .

Last night I saw the movie “Bridge to Tereabithia” and boy some sensitive chords were strummed and hence this post. It’s a story about a boy and a girl who become friends. Jess the boy is pretty much an introvert and different as he likes art, he is treated almost as an outcast by a father who does not relate to his passion. At school he is picked on by other children but he has something in him that has spark & zeal for life and the desire to chase for an adventure within him. In comes the girl Leslie to his world…they become friends and is responsible for pretty much making up this imaginary world called ‘Tereabithia’ and she invites Jess to be in that adventure…soon reality for Jess turns... as they travel into this mythical land. Endless possibilities and stories begin! as he keeps his mind’s eye open. Together they journey through adventures, fighting trolls, monster vultures, and ugly beasts all agents of the dark master of the land. They set up their tree house (imaginary castle) and reign as King and Queen of Tereabithia who have to come to free the land from tyranny and injustice. The story has many underlying themes but the one that I want to pick up is the call for living for a higher theme, living and being wrapped up as my friend said in the adventure and allowing yourself time and space every day /whenever you can just escape to that imaginary place and live those adventures that you are really made for. Rustling of the trees and shaky leaves do becon a call to those who await that adventure. Oh sure when they come back they will be better persons, filled with self esteem, courage, kindness, gratitude and love for everyone around especially for those who cannot go to those mysterious lands.


Anonymous said...
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Rick said...

Great Post!


SDMemoirs said...
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LC said...

I have to remind myself that the ultimate adventure is still to come, the millenial reign of Christ. First the marriage supper, then coming back to annihilate the enemy, then one thousand years without an enemy. I look foward to that time as I sit in my little cube. I'll muddle through the garbage, the tests and trials for that awesome day. Good point :)

faith. said...

this is very nice sam.

faith. said...

this is very nice sam.