Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I am in Love with You

This surge of passion I cannot contain,
Because Lord I am in love with you, I am in love with you,
This is your doing,
I am smitten like a wondrous youth falling in love;
For the first time with a maiden,
Or like a virgin dreaming about her lover all day long.

Your love O Lord what draws me everyday,
Filling my heart with
This passion of purity,
This passion of Love,
Passion of who you are.
I read and meditate everyday about you;

Sometime dreaming,Sometime in trance,
But Oh All the time in your awe,
Of what you said, of what you did,
Of how you responded, the way taught,
The way you looked,
O Lord I am in love with you.

It's a wonder to me that though you loved me first,
You are still in love with me,
And that Your love is umpteen times,
More than my love for you.
Will I even get close? But till then...
Oh Lord I love you again - for loving me so.


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