Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh Lovely One!

These days I am being immensely blessed by the Gospels and it seems what our Lord Jesus spoke and taught is sinking in deep at new levels in my heart with new prespectives of what the Holy Spirit is showing me to yearn for and live accordingly. This has specially happend in the light and weight of the knowledge of what Lord Jesus spoke "I have not come to condemn or judge the world but to save it, but my words which I have spoken will judge you in the last day" (NLT). I don't remember the exact chapter and verse but you get the gist.

The deep realization of what the Lord said is plain.... On the Judgement day we as believers already know the basis of His judgement's all going to be based upon all the words He has spoken. This led me to the thinking that apart from knowing all scripture and theology of our faith (which is good to know) if we just live by the words that He has spoken we are the inheritors of what He says..."Great will be the reward of those who have obeyed my words" (the words that He has spoken).

As I read about Him the Holy Spirit is just surging in me new waves and passions of Love for Him, what He did, what He spoke, How He responded, His Compassion, His mercy, His forgivness, His amazement, His Joy, His mourning, His hurting the list will go on. As I read through the different situations in the Lord's ministry...I have observed there are specially three or four kinds (maybe even more) of people that respond in differnt ways to Him.The mains one's are enumerated below:

1. The one's that will....Love Him and make Him the Lord of their lives (total change, transformed homes, transformed lives e.g.'s Zachhaeus, Mathew, the Immoral Woman, Cenutruion, the Samaritan woman)
2. The one's taht will....Hate Him and are altogether against Him (Pharisee's)
3. The one's who are lukewarm (no reactions...closely observe some people who were healed e.g....ten lepers who got the miracle didnt come back to glorify God...using God as a means)
4. The one's who completely miss His presence and fail to respond.

So What's our decision today?

O Lovely one, Oh Lord come on in are welcome the temple of my Heart ...BE MY KING AND MY LORD and let me love you and fear you like King David did so you can tell me ...I am the man after your own heart.

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