Friday, May 12, 2006

Vision from the Lord

One of my friends and a fellow brother in Christ shared with us a vision God was showing him about Hannah's life. I was really suprised as I had met Steve only once and he revealed these fascinating details through the word he gave us from the Lord.

We surely don't know what the future is for Hannah, but would appreciate our friends and family to pray into the life of Hannah that she will go out and fulfill the Lord's purpose's for her life and give pleasure to our Father's heart. So here is what he wrote.....

As Gary had mentioned @ the men's meeting that night a few weeks ago, you were new to fatherhood / you had a newborn daughter... a vision began to unfold before me with the sight of a young lady walking along a road outside of a city [at that time it was in a distant land, but may also be domestically(America].

This young lady was remarkably beautiful but simply appointed so as not to attract the wrong attention. She was different; there was a measure of strength that far exceeded the humility that enveloped her. Greater still was the anointing that continually rested upon and emanated [sent forth; as from a source] from her feet! Sam and Sarah - She was spectacularly aglow! Angels surrounded this one; this daughter of The Most High God - El Elyon!

She was one who spent time at His feet learning of his ways from her mother, her father, her grandmother, and grandfather, and from her own personal relationship developed from an early age. She's a communicator in the natural and spiritual realm. That relationship of early and humble beginnings created a connection [for her] that would not terminate...much like Jacob's ladder; whereby the angels came and went [on a constant/regular basis].

In her time of communication/dialogue, she learned of the need that a location (city) had or would have. She was one sent to speak to the need. She was to call for life where life was needed [as it always is] and she was to call forth an end to that which was not of her Father's house.

Her mission is a difficult, but necessary role. She is one who knows when to go [ in the right season ] and have in her possession the right tools for use in breaking up hard, fallow ground. Further, she will also learn of fertilization [prayer], dispensing seed [sending forth words of life]; seeds that are hardy/drought resistant, and the indentification/marking out of sites most appropriate for wells [churches] that spring forth into rivers [of life]!

Hannah will need prayer cover [Sam, Sarah]. She will need to know who to meet with in a city or even outlying area. These will be the ones in whom she'll resultantly place some measure of natural trust in [for support during her walk/mission].

I also sense within her a dichotomy - two parts - in that Hannah will almost always extend herself as very relational, but she may also be very internal at times [a balanced independence];omfortable with her Christ [Jesus] and who she is created to be within Him...a powerhouse/a wellspring of life.

In Him she will live, move, and have her being.

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allijack said...

whoa. too cool! that little girl needs some prayer. (don't we all?)

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