Thursday, June 23, 2005


KCR Posted by Hello

I live in the part of Hong Kong what is called the New Territories and travel to the main HK Island to work. Hong Kong's excellent transportation facilities ensure that I reach the office in 45 mins. On my way back home the same route takes about 1 hour. To date (even after three years) I have never been able to figure out why it takes 15 mins extra. Anyway, let me not delve into the intricacies of time travel, but come on right to the topic of my post. On the course of my travels I meet many people; being an open and friendly person myself I usually start conversations with strangers I have never met who in turn become friends. Objective for doing so is to get to know a person and an opportunity to tell about Jesus and the eternal life He gives. Though many a times the opportunity to share the message of salvation is not always possible, nevertheless, the experiences have been valuable for me in knowing people from different cultures, races and countries. I will be indebted to these fellow travelers for they have given me a gift of not only friendship, but have shared their experiences, family lives, and an insight to their needs, and an opportunity to keep another traveler in prayer. Among these faces as I recall, a Korean man who works as a General Manager of a company, an African man from Congo living in Shanghai, an Englishman from Durham, a couple from Yorkshire, an Afghani exchange student to Hong Kong, a banker from Taiwan, another African man from Uganda, an Egyptian ...the list will go on, faces of different color, shape and race...all God's children for whom I pray. I think talking to strangers is not a talent, but when one traveler gives the warmth and friendly smile - lasting acquaintances, friendships, impressions, and the possibility for Jesus in you to be made known. All this even on a journey 45 minutes long. I thank the Lord for a job to be done, transportation and fellow travelers.
Shalom and Blessings


Sharon said...

These tiny incidents are what really matter than the huge accomplishments that we receive all through our life.These are ones which draw us nearer to God every day every minute. Keep up the good work and spread the message of God and HIS SON to the world!!!

SDMemoirs said...

Thanks Sharon