Monday, May 09, 2005

What Love is this?

Thou art in Heaven, seated high and above,
Exalted in might and strength;
Yet O Lord, your love stretches and reaches down
To the sons of men who are nothing but dust.

O Lord you choose to let your light shine upon us,
So these earthen vessels can hold Heaven's greatest treasure,
To reflect and radiate the divine presence of Messiah's light
So that these particles of dust can shine like bright crystal stars.

O Ancient of Days, King of all ages,
Exalted in Glory and splendor;
Yet O Lord, you garbed yourself in humility and shame,
To save the sons of men who were worthy of death.

O Lord you adorned your bride thus, in shining garments,
So that we are holy, pure and in beauty surpassing,
Sparkling, forever glimmering, tender and loving bride of God
So, now we can live with You forever and ever in your eternal love.

By Sam Kurien


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