Saturday, May 14, 2005


O Lord you love me so much,
Will I understand the wholeness of your love?

I wish to know and I wish to fathom,
And even if I do, will I ever understand?
No I will not ...I know.

So oh Lord, even in passing whispers,
Speak your love and let the ears of my heart listen,
Let them give attention to its Creator;
In your words then will my heart find rest

In the chaotic entropy of life,
In worries, strifes and mundane routines,
You alone can bring stillness to my soul
You alone can surround me with pristine peace,
Now this I know, so I shall tell my heart this:

Oh! be still my soul. Your Lord is here,
Oh what a wonder, wonder of wonders,
The Ancient of days takes pleasure in a sinner,
Now my soul is quietened by your presence,
Silence captivated, heart tumulting to hear Him speak,

To be satisfied with words of life from Life Himself.

Now, He speaks each word going deep,
Springing new life and hope, radiating light,
Though not understanding all,
His words bring sound sense and wisdom within,
Each crevice and artery of my heart being lit with holy fire,
An impossible joy rising, yearning to leap in physical ecstasy
With a song, shout and praises for the most High.

But He says "Sit still, my son" and listen,
So I do, as a horse ready to be broken,
Mesmerised by the master of heaven and earth,

O Lord, and My God, I am in quiescent,
Calmed by your love in sweet embrace of your arms.



Becca said...

Awesome post ...

Sharon said...

Your experiences are very close to mine. Hope I get to read more of your thoughts. Really encouraging.

God Bless.

Jimmy said...

I just returned from a few days at the beach. Despite the fact I was chaperoning our youth choir and at times pure bedlam reigned, I would take the time to go sit on the beach all alone. Early in the morning, in the quietness of the moment I could feel God's presence calming my heart and spirit, giving me strength to face the day and renewing my Love for Him. Great post!