Saturday, December 18, 2010

In The Spirit of Peace - Walking In The Footsteps of Abraham

As we are in the Christmas season I am highly reminded of the reason for the season, it is about the ardent expectation of the return of the Prince of Peace or our Sar Shalom Yeshua Ha Masiha. Talking about peace  conflicts are going all round the world and it is also an important time to reflect that blessed are the peace makers who stand in the gap as intercessors and try to resolve problems where there is a conflict. Recently DAS send me a TED video with William Ury who co-founded Harvard's Program on Negotiation and co-founder of a NGO called International Negotiation network whose primary focus is in ending civil wars and terrorism. The talk is amazing as he retracts the TED audience back to footsteps of Abraham who was a symbol of hospitality and a blessing to the nations. Here is the video for your knowledge.

Though Ury brings out a wonderful message and bless his heart for the efforts, my opinion from the spiritual stand point is in the middle east is peace can only return with the return of Yeshua. Does it mean that we are not to pursue peace?  The answer is absolutely "yes" we are to strive for peace, we are to be peacemakers and with God's wisdom bring in the third side where we can sit like the Bushmen in a circle and talk and not leave till the issue or conflict  is resolved. At least that is how believers should treat each other.

Apart from that what I take away from the talk is yet again with people from different worldview the process is similar but there may be principles that we may not see completely eye to eye but the effort of creating a dialogue should continue; creating a frame work of reference of Abraham's path as Ury quotes is very helpful and an effort to replace animosity to trust worthiness. Another observation I make from the talk which Ury did not bring out is Abraham in his journey walked side by side with God. In fact God considered Abraham to be his friend and as his nomadic journey spanned from Ur to Cannan, he avoided conflict whenever he could, his tents were open to strangers so they could be refreshed, he rescued the weak and he even fought when needed for justice.

Blessed are the peacemakers who stand and walk in the footsteps of Abraham. But a reminder too we also walk more in the footsteps of one far greater than Abrham, who became our salvation and strength. Let us then be friends of God and pursue peace.

Blessings & Shalom,

Sam Kurien

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Tim and Sandee Shuman said...

Sam, regarding peach in the Middle should read the book "Son of Hamas". What an incredible story. It's about the son of one of the Hamas leaders that converted to Christianity. He has an interesting take on the prospects for peace.