Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Live Life Large

Two days back I was feeling horrible about something, that's when God intervened and said "I want you to live life large". I have been musing about it ever since, sometimes ambitions, aspirations visionary things to do great  can leave you with a sense of guilt...questioning oneself "Am I suppose to do this?" Isn't it greedy or selfish...but God has a funny way to teach you through His word, through His ecounters with you and He is good at getting His point across.

Having said that, I was listening to Bill Johnson from Bethel Church, I love what is happeining there and every time I hear news about what is happening in the super-nautual of what God is doing all over the earth I am excited of the adventorous journey I am on.

Transitioning back to the point of God asking me to "live life large" and not be guilty about it. I was reminded of a Marlboro cigarette Ad that used to run in the late 80's showing a guy in cowboy hat puffing away and the commercial ending in the chime in "live large king size",  however its not that kind of living the Father was hinting to me about. I am slowly beginning to understand deeply that living large is about constantly having the presence of the Lord, having His habitation in me, around me, with me, beside me, front of me and behind me. Oh I love it!; the dichotomy of secular and sacred no longer exists, whatever we do, we do unto the Lord, we do for the Glory and fame of our savior. And this is super natural living and the only natural way of living. We begin to view life in a different context, our problems are no longer ours, they are His. The Bible says we are now seated in heavenly realms looking down on the situations that pertain to us, our friends, neighbors, nations and the world. We are confiding in the one who is more than able, who has given us erga and dunamis power to bring order in chaos. To call out life into the lifeless, to call out light where there is darkness, to bring strongholds down and move in the power of Yeshua.

The word Bill mentioned was from Haggai Chapter 2 verse 9 which says:

"The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former house". 

When you allow God to intervene your daily life, His habitation in us & among us changes things.  And the way He does things becomes every time better. Jacob slept on holy ground where without a church building, Jacob became aware of God's presence, changed the course of His life.  We see throughout scriptures that God's glory is going to cover the face of the earth, today we are the living temples of His presence and that is the secret of living large.  Like the Psalmist rejoices for God putting him in a spacious place, He has enlarged my territory. The physical manifestations and blessings are all good but what makes it sweet and complete is we don't take our focus away from our Maker and that we never forget the longing for His habitation.

I will end with a reminder of the chorus of a song written by Lynn DeShazo that sums my desire:

"In His Presence that's where I am strong;
In your presence O Lord my God
In your presence That'w where I belong,
Seeking your face, Touching your grace,
In the cleft of the Rock
In your presence O God.  

My thoughts, Blessings & Shalom,

Sam Kurien

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