Saturday, June 05, 2010

Discovering The Masculine Heart!

Though most of us may not know it, a man’s journey in life is often a discovery and a journey of reclaiming his heart. We get inundated with books and speeches with the search of significance and seven habits and seven principles and stuff like that but they all are pretty terms quoted and paraphrased differently but all of them at least attempt and point towards this drive of reclaiming of that masculine heart. I strongly believe that a full restoration and reclaiming of the masculine heart can only come when we allow Yeshua to be our King and heavenly father. Our allegiance to Him puts everything else in order with an adventure and beauty of lifetime to pursue.

God sets his character and his model on earth in the structure we call ‘family’. He created and made it and He began it. The father and mother are expressions of God’s character, but unfortunately in a fallen world we do not have model fathers and model mothers even when we have the ones that aspire to be like Him. Becoming like Him is a process and does not happen overnight but living in His presence and inviting the Spirit of God to take control of our lives transforms us to the discovery of that masculine heart. That said, I bring the point to mind that often a son’s heart needs to shepherded by his earthly father because that’s how he finds his identity, his masculine heart, his purposes in life and ultimately a pathway of discovering His own maker. Every man as John Elderedge quotes carries a ‘Father wound’ and so does every woman. Along with this wound he also points that there is a God given vacuum that no one can fill but the Father in heaven. The healing of this wound is crucial for the reclamation and restoration of the heart to live life fully (in abundance) and getting on that ship to pursue a life-time of adventure in building and bringing on earth the Kingdom of heaven. If we don't we will miss the boat and live life lifeless.

The First two clips are from the movie 'City Slickers' that show us three best friends who go out to experience cowboy country and cowboy lifestyle. They are chartered for a course of corralling and transporting thousands of cattle from Texas to Colorado. On the journey the men are discussing the best day and the worst day of their lives and it was interesting to me that all three related the event with a central figure in their lives their fathers who shaped their entire sense of self in adulthood.

CitySlickers_TheBestDay from Sam on Vimeo.

The second scene is about a conversation that takes place between Curly the old cowboy and Mitch. Curly in his wisdom tells Mitch the secret of life is finding that one thing that puts everything else in order. Through that journey of driving cattle Mitch discovers that one thing is ‘Love’ for him and rest everything fell in place, all the confusion, mid-life crisis and meaningless existence vanished. He had discovered and reclaimed his heart.

Secret Of Life from Sam on Vimeo.

The last two clips are from the movie 'Secondhand Lions'. It is the story of a boy who was abandoned by his father and mother and dumped on his two uncles who have been real men, men who found their masculine hearts early on in life. The boy’s stay with them drives the lessons to his heart, shape him to be the man he wants to be, shape him to discover his masculine heart and infuse in it the things that really matter.

Secondhands Lion from Sam on Vimeo.

And finally the idea of real courage can come out only when one has discovered his masculine heart.

Secondhands Lion Bar Scene from Sam on Vimeo.

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