Monday, April 26, 2010

Shall We Journey or Live In The Smaller Stories?

Every epic story we have known has a grand quest involved in it. In J.R.R. Tolkein's 'The Lord of the Rings', the fellowship of the ring sets out on the journey to save middle earth from destruction, in the 'The Hobbit', Bilbo Baggins runs from the door without even a pocket handkerchief and launched a adventure that would change his life forever; Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter stumble into Narnia to save Prince Caspian from the Telmarines; In the mythical greek legend Perseus and his band set out to save Argos and Andromeda; The stories go on with these incredible journey's. Thousands of years ago the patriarch Abraham left his country, his people, and his father's houselhold (safety net) to follow outlandish promises from God, he never came back. Jacob and his sons went down to Egypt for a few groceries and four hundred years later Israel embarks on an epic journey that sees the wonders and miraculous provisions from God. The journey of our lives however is still a choice that we make, the sacred romance involves every soul to go through a journey of heroic proportions and while it may require some to change geography, it is ultimately the journey of our hearts.

I say its a choice because there is a parallel here and every choice has at least two options. Remember Daniel Defoe's  famous story 'Robinson Crusoe'; Crusoe was not a pilgrim but was stranded on an island, he was a survivor, lost and living in a very small world where he alone was the lead character. In fact the only character with everything focussed on himself ; he was living in a story of survival. In the contrary we have been rescued with the blood of Christ and infused with the life of the Holy One of Israel. He has beckoned us on a journey not for mere survival but to thrive in life and undertake those journey's. So the choice is really ours shall we then take that quest or choose to clutch our household gods and false lovers and not run towards significance of life fully lived.

My thoughts for the day!

Blessings & Wholeness In Him,

Sam Kurien.


Hannah said...

great thoughts, sam!

Sam Kurien said...

Thanks Hannah! How are you doing?